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Orbit 5915 (CD) (United States)

Rock N Roll Dance Party, Vol. 15

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Payne, Leon No rating Full Time Job Not listed in RCS
2. Bonds, Lee No rating I'm Lookin' For Some Lovin' Not listed in RCS
3. Edwards, Tibby No rating You Made A Believer Out Of Me Not listed in RCS
4. Riddle, Ricky No rating Steamboat Boogie Not listed in RCS
5. McDonald, Rusty Non-pertinent You Got The Right Number
Label shot
Intro (Calif.) 45-6061  1952/Sept. 13
Bb c&w rev.
6. Carlisle, Bill Borderline Rattlesnake Daddy
Label shot
Mercury (Ill.) EP-1-3280  Cover shot
Bounding Bill Carlisle And His Little Carlisles [mono]
7. Briggs, Billy No rating Texaco New Mexico Joe Not listed in RCS
8. Allen, Tani No rating Hillbilly Willie Met Kitty From The City Not listed in RCS
9. Little David No rating Zig Zag Rag Not listed in RCS
10. Spurlin, Tommy No rating There Might've Been A Love Song Not listed in RCS
11. Maddox, Cal Non-pertinent Hey Bill
Label shot
Flat-Git-It (Calif.) FGI-699/700 1961/Nov. 27
Bb c&w rev.
12. George & Earl Non-pertinent Don't, Don't, Don't
Label shot
Mercury (Ill.)  70683X45 1955/Sept.
(Bb est.)
13. Innis, Louie No rating Whammy Bammy Buzzard Goozer Not listed in RCS
14. Jacoby Brothers No rating Cannonball
Label shot
TNT (Texas)  1004  1953 or earlier
(Bb est.)
15. Huff, Cowboy No rating No Two Timin' Me Not listed in RCS
16. Barber, Glenn No rating Livin' High And Wide
Label shot
Starday (Tenn.)  214  1955/Nov. 19
Bb c&w rev.
17. Dickerson, Dub No rating Sweet Bunch Of Bitterweeds Not listed in RCS
18. Mack, Bill No rating Sue-Suzie Boogie
Label shot
Imperial (Calif.) X8278  1955/Jan. 22
Bb c&w rev.
19. Cardwell, Jack No rating I'm Not Lazy I'm Just Tired Not listed in RCS
20. Noack, Eddie No rating Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Not listed in RCS
21. Luce, Bob Borderline Hot Shot Baby
Label shot
Love Lock (Nev.) LOL-111/2 1958/Jan. 25
CB c&w rev.
22. Atcher, Randy No rating Why Look For Sugar Not listed in RCS
23. Beavers, Clyde No rating Crying For My Baby
Label shot
Mercury-Starday (Ill.)  71185x45 1957/Sept. 16
Bb c&w rev.
24. Shepherd, Cliff No rating Railroad Crossing Not listed in RCS
25. Jimmy & Johnny No rating I'm Gonna Lose Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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