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Collector CLCD4530 (CD) (Netherlands)

Rockers And Boppers

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Source: Rockabilly Ranch

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Sheldon, Woodie No rating Call The Law Not listed in RCS
2. Whitman, D. No rating Miss Ann Not listed in RCS
3. Nixon, Dave No rating Continental Twist Not listed in RCS
4. Bennett, Vern No rating Hide & Seek Not listed in RCS
5. Ennis, Bill No rating I'm Hypnotized
Label shot
Algonquin (N.Y.) A.R.719   
6. Vibratos No rating Vibrate Not listed in RCS
7. Williams, Garrett Borderline Little Darlin'
Label shot
Airway (Ohio) AW-45-104 
(pressed by Southern)
1958/Oct. 27
Bb pop rev.
8. Williams, Larry J. No rating You Got Me Dizzy Not listed in RCS
9. Mackelberg, Jim No rating Baby Sittin' Blues Not listed in RCS
10. Perkins, Dave No rating You're My Honey
Label shot
Jalyn (Ohio) 45-340   
11. Beach, Hank No rating I Got The Time Not listed in RCS
12. Twisters [x] No rating Really Not listed in RCS
13. Helms, Paul No rating Jugheads Flop Eared Boogie Not listed in RCS
14. Young, Jim & Edith No rating That's All Right With Me Not listed in RCS
15. Stone, Walter Pertinent I'm Not Good Lookin'
Label shot
Thunderbird (Ind.) S.O.4002/3  
16. Tedder, Randy Pertinent Nancy
Label shot
Twin Rose (Tenn.)  101-5/6 1970
pub. date
17. Summers, Ronnie Borderline Blankety Blank
Label shot
Ventura (Calif.) VR711/2 1960/Dec.
BMI clear.
18. Mustangs No rating Jack The Ripper Not listed in RCS
19. Williams, E.P. No rating Truck Drivers Baby
Label shot
Blue Jay (N.C.)  101  1966
on label or cover
20. Bradley, Bert Borderline The Girl In The Tight Blue Jeans
Label shot
Bradley (loc?)  1000  1967/June
BMI clear.
21. Wayne, Tom Pertinent Ruth Ann
Label shot
Ranger (Okla.)  778/9  
22. Plainsmen No rating Monster's Holiday Not listed in RCS
23. Live Wires No rating One Cycle Venture Not listed in RCS
24. Sartain, Grady No rating Indiana Blues Not listed in RCS
25. Williams, Roger No rating I Seen Blue Heaven Not listed in RCS
26. Sisco, Gene No rating Save It
Label shot
Co-Day (loc?)  11213/4
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
27. Stadler, Dave No rating Boney Moronie
Label shot
Bay Towne (loc?)  410-X  
28. Arkades No rating The P.A.L Not listed in RCS
29. Nix, Billy No rating Something To Look Forward To Not listed in RCS
30. Olenn, Johnny Borderline Sally Let Your Bangs Hang
Label shot
TNT (Texas)  1016  1955/May 28
Bb r&b rev.

Acknowledgments:  Rockabilly Ranch

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