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Flame 007 (LP) (England, 1988)

Desperate Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 7

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Jones, Ricky No rating Hate To Say Goodbye Not listed in RCS
2. Walker, Wayne Pertinent All I Can Do Is Cry
Label shot
ABC-Paramount (N.Y.) 45-9735  1956/Oct. 6
Bb c&w rev.
3. Harbin, Tommy Pertinent Lovers Lane Blues
Label shot
Valiant (Fla.) WCP9/10
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
4. Bartholomew, Dave No rating Can't Take It No More Not listed in RCS
5. Watts, Slim Pertinent Tu-La-Lou
Label shot
Starday (Tenn.) 45-282  1957/Feb.
(Bb est.)
6. Racketts No rating Ooh My Soul Not listed in RCS
7. Fry, Bobby Pertinent High Way Robbery
Label shot
Playback (Calif.) PB-1111  1959/July 27
Bb pop rev.
8. Reynolds, Teddy No rating Puppy Dogs Not listed in RCS
9. St. Romain, Kirby Borderline Oh Baby Doll
Label shot
Tear Drop (Texas)  3036  1964/July 11
Bb pop rev.
10. Garner, Trice Non-pertinent Lover's Hill
Label shot
Gulf (Miss.) 45-633 
(Starday PD series)
(SPD est.)
11. Daniels, Eddie Pertinent Playin' Hide Go Seek
Label shot
Ebb (Calif.)  108 
(pressed by Monarch)
1957/July 22
Bb pop rev.
12. Grey, Chuck No rating Foot Loose And Free
Label shot
Fable (Calif.) F-618-45 1958/Apr.
(Bb est.)
13. Whack, Willy No rating Stop That Bop! Not listed in RCS
14. Wayne, Roy Pertinent Honey Won't You Listen
Label shot
Clif (La.)  101  1957/June
BMI clear.
15. McCain, Jerry No rating Nextdoor Neighbour Not listed in RCS
16. Johnny Friendship No rating Dam Not listed in RCS
17. Crofford, Cliff Pertinent There Ain't Nothin' Happenin' To Me
Label shot
Tally (Calif.)  104  1956/Sept. 15
Bb c&w rev.
18. Jackson, Munroe Moe Non-pertinent Go 'Way From My Door Not listed in RCS
19. Fretts Non-pertinent Rock'n [!!] Baby
Label shot
Blue Moon (Calif.) 45-BM-414  1959/July 27
Bb pop rev.
20. Robinson, Dick Pertinent The Boppin' Martian -- Gibo Miban Gibo -- Go Man Go
Label shot
MCI (Ariz.) 45-1006  1958-60
(Bb est.)

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Marc Coulavin, Udo Frank, Derek Hamilton, Peter Staehli

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