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Comps Label Index for H

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
Habakaba MPLP 1000LP 1994Are You Excited? [Rockin' Party]
Hallmark CD 1997Rockhouse / Roy Orbison
Hallmark 300312CD 1995My True Love / Jack Scott
Hallmark 305242CD 1996Do The Ooby Dooby
Hallmark 307972CD 1997Kings Of Rockabilly
Hamilton H 5877LPUnited States1977Ohio Rockabilly
Harlem 1005LPUnited States1979Sir Doug / Doug Sahm
Harmony H 30547LPUnited States1971I'm Movin' On / Jerry Reed
Harmony KH 32186LPUnited States1973Billy "Crash" Craddock
Hee Hee Hee 1LPEngland I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon!
Hero 001CD 1994Shaggerman Rock & Roll, Vol. 1
Hero 002CD 1995Shaggerman Rock & Roll, Vol. 2
HeronRock Music CD- 501CDSweden1997Vaden Records, Trumann, Arkansas
Hi HEXD 53CD  Haunted House: The Complete Gene Simmons On Hi Records
Hi 122CD 1992My Girl Josephine / Jerry Jaye
Hi 123CD 1992This Time / Narvel Felts
Hi DHI UK LP 416LP 1988Goin' Back To Memphis / Gene Simmons
Hi 32038CD 1996My Girl Josephine / Jerry Jaye
Hi SHL 32038LP 1991My Girl Josephine / Jerry Jaye
Hi (England) HIUK 127CDEngland1992Hi Records: The Early Years
Hi (England) HIUK 128CDEngland1992Hi Records: The Early Years, Vol. 2
Hi (England) DHI UK LP 434LPEngland1987Hi Records: The Early Years
Hi (England) DHI UK LP 442LPEngland1988Hi Records: The Early Years, Vol. 2
Hillbilly Stomp Vol. 1LP 1998Hillbilly Stomp, Vol. 1
Hillbilly Stomp Vol. 2LP  Hillbilly Stomp, Vol. 2
Hip-O HIPD- 40128CD 1997Rockabilly Essentials
Hobo Bop 1181LP 1981Hobo Bop
Hog Maw 902LPFrance Infectious Rock-A-Billy
Hollowbody HC 12001CDUnited States1990Wild Men Ride Wild Guitars: Original Rockabilly & Chicken Bop, Vol. 1
Hollowbody HC 12002CDUnited States1992Rockin' In The Farmhouse: Original Rockabilly & Chicken Bop, Vol. 2
Hollowbody HC 12003CDUnited States1993Wail Man Wail!: Original Rockabilly & Chicken Bop, Vol. 3
Hollywood HOLLY 501LPUnited States1996Great Shakin' Fever / Dorsey Burnette
Hollywood HOLLY 502LPUnited States1995Keep A Knockin / Dorsey Burnette
Honkin' Billy 5552LP 1994Honkin' Billy
Hop HB-HV 003CD  Hillbilly Hop, Vol. 3
Hop 004CD  Hillbilly Hop, Vol. 4
Hop CD 005CD  Hillbilly Hop, Vol. 5
Hop HOP-CD 777CD  Hillbilly Hop, Vol. 2
Hop 999CD  Hillbilly Hop
Hot 1556LP 1986Pretty Little Angel Eyes / Curtis Lee
Hot & Sour 001CD  Chop Suey Rock, Vol. 1
Hot & Sour 001LP  Chop Suey Rock, Vol. 1
Hot & Sour 002CD  Chop Suey Rock, Vol. 2
Hot & Sour 002LP  Chop Suey Rock, Vol. 2
Hydra BLK 7701LPGermany1985Jack The Cat / Jackie Lee Cochran
Hydra BLK 7702LPGermany1985Like Wow
Hydra BLK 7703LPGermany1987Dance To The Bop
Hydra BLK 7705LPGermany1987Teenage Dance Party
Hydra BLK 7706LPGermany1987Eddie Cochran Record Date
Hydra BLK 7707LPGermany1988Rockin' Around / Clyde Stacy
Hydra BLK 7708LPGermany1988Rockin' Red Wing / Sammy Masters
Hydra BLK 7709LPGermany1989Doggone It Doggett / Ray Doggett
Hydra BLK 7710LPGermany1989She's Neat / Dale Wright
Hydra BLK 7711LPGermany1989Teenage Dance Party, Vol. 2
Hydra BLK 7713LPGermany1990Rockabilly Years / Joey Welz
Hydra BLK 7714LPGermany1990Teenage Dance Party, Vol. 3
Hydra BLK 7715LPGermany1996Daddy-O-Rock / Luke McDaniel
Hydra BCK 27102CDGermany1993Jack The Cat Story: The 50's Recordings CD / Jackie Lee Cochran
Hydra BCK 27106CDGermany1998The Canadian Sweethearts, Bob & Lucille -- Eeny Meeny Miney Moe
Hydra BCK 27108CDGermany1999I'll Give 'Em Rhythm / Hardrock Gunter
Hydra BCK 27110CDGermany1999Rock & Roll Tonight / Johnny Burnette
Hydra BCK 27111CDGermany1999The Real Vince Everett
Hydra BCK 27113CDGermany2001Mr. Frantic Is Boppin' The Blues / Ronnie Self
Hydra BCK 27114CDGermany2001Born To Rock / John Ashley
Hydra BCK 27115CDGermany2001The South's Gonna Rise Again / Lee Denson A.K.A. Jesse James
Hydra BCK 27116CDGermany2002I Took A Liking To You: The Buddy Holly Sound Of Ray Ruff
Hydra BCK 27117CDGermany2002Such A Rock And Roll Night / Bunny Paul
Hydra BCK 27118CDGermany2003Gang War / Gene Maltais
Hydra BCK 27119CDGermany2005Hangin' Around At Heartbreak Hotel / Ersel Hickey
Hydra BCK 27120CDGermany2003The Legendary Cowboy Recordings, Vol. 2 / Bill Haley And Friends
Hydra BCK 27121CDGermany2004Ooh Yeah Baby: Red Hot Rock & Roll / Kip Tyler
Hydra BCK 27122CDGermany2004Put On Your Rockin' Shoes / Frankie Brent
Hydra BCK 27123CDGermany2004Rocking Country Sides / Jay Chevalier
Hydra BCK 27124CDGermany2004Teen Town / Jules Blattner & The Teen-Tones
Hydra BCK 27125CDGermany2004I Feel Like Rockin' / Kenny Parchman
Hydra BCK 27127CDGermany2004Sunglasses After Dark / Dwight "Whitey" Pullen
Hydra BCK 27129CDGermany2006Wild Hog Hop / Bennie Hess
Hydra BCK 27132CDGermany Early Rockabilly & Hillbilly Days / Tommy Sands
Hydra BCK 27144CDGermany2010Got The Best Of Me / Donnie Bowser

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