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Comps Label Index for R

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
RAR 155LP  Sin Alley
RAR 155 [2]LP 1986Rock-A-Rolla A-Hillabilly Wing Ding Do?! (Sin Alley, Vol. 2)
RCA 66059CD 1992Sun's Greatest Hits
RCA (England) INTS 5078LPEngland1980The Elvis Connection
RCA (England) PL 42809LPEngland1979Victor Rock 'N' Rollers
RCA (England) PL 43153LPEngland1981The Complete RCA Janis Martin
RCA International INTS 5078LPEngland1981The Elvis Connection
RN 181LP 1999Rockin' Nightmares
RPM Retro 837CD 2008Shiverin' & Shakin', Part 1
Radio RACD- 001CD  The Radio Story
Raney [no #]CD 2005The Vaden Years / Teddy Redell
Rarebid BID 8041LPGermay1995King-Federal Rockabillies: 14 Original Greatest Hits
Rarin' 666LPUnited States1978Rarin' Rockabillies
Rarin' 666ALPUnited States1978Rarin' Rockabillies
Rave On 5001LPFrance1978Eddie Cochran -- The Crest Sessions
Raven RVD- 193CDAustralia2004The Sands Collection 1957-63 / Tommy Sands
Razor & Tie 2150CDUnited States1998Young Love: The Classic Hits Of Sonny James
Rebel 1002LP 1983Handsome Hits & Rockin' Bits / Dick Lory
Red Dog RDK/K- 001CDUnited States Midwest Garage Band Series: Kansas
Red Flames R.DCD- 1000CD 2005Rock & Roll Party, Vol. 1
Red Hot 101LP 1978Red Hot Rock 'N' Roll
Red Raven 1LPGermany1978Those Oldies But Rockies
Redita [1st series] 102LPNetherlands1973Sound Of Rockabilly
Redita [1st series] 104LPNetherlands1973Rock & Roll USA
Redita [1st series] 106LPNetherlands1973Memphis Rocks the Country
Redita [1st series] 107LPNetherlands1974The Living Legend / Charlie Feathers
Redita [1st series] 108LPNetherlands1974Chicago Rock
Redita [1st series] 109LPNetherlands1974Nashville Country Rock
Redita [1st series] 110LPNetherlands1975Shelby County Country 1948-1974
Redita [1st series] 112LPNetherlands1975I Want A Rock & Roll Guitar
Redita [1st series] 113LPNetherlands1976The Rockin' Rebel / Joel Scott Hill
Redita [1st series] 115LPNetherlands1976I'm Hank Davis
Redita [2nd series] 102LPNetherlands1978Rock From Memphis
Redita [2nd series] 104LPNetherlands1978Memphis Rocks The Country
Redita [2nd series] 105LPNetherlands1979The Sound Of Mack Allen Smith
Redita [2nd series] 106LPNetherlands1979Kansas City Country Rockers
Redita [2nd series] 107LPNetherlands1979The Living Legend / Charlie Feathers
Redita [2nd series] RLP 109LPNetherlands1979Boogie With A Bullet
Redita [2nd series] 112LPNetherlands1980I Want A Rock & Roll Guitar
Redita [2nd series] 113LPNetherlands1980The Rockin' Rebel / Joel Scott Hill
Redita [2nd series] 115LPNetherlands1981New York Country Rock / Hank Davis
Redita [2nd series] 116LPNetherlands1979Hillbillies On Speed
Redita [2nd series] 117LPNetherlands1981Rockabilly Meeting
Redita [2nd series] 118LPNetherlands1981Fernwood Rockabillies
Redita [2nd series] 119LPNetherlands1981Fernwood Rock 'N' Roll
Redita [2nd series] RLP- 120LPNetherlands1981Rock In The Woods With Hank Davis
Redita [2nd series] 121LPNetherlands1981Steppin' Out Tonight
Redita [2nd series] 122LPNetherlands1981Crazy 'Bout The Boogie
Redita [2nd series] 124LPNetherlands1984Rock And Roll Blues
Redita [2nd series] 125LPNetherlands1985Rock 'N Roll Fever
Redita [2nd series] 126LPNetherlands1984Cotton Chopper Country
Redita [2nd series] REDITA- 127LPNetherlands1986Canadian Rockabilly: Hillbilly Rock
Redita [2nd series] 128LPNetherlands1986Hillbilly Sweetheart
Redita [2nd series] 129LPNetherlands1986Canadian Rockers, Vol. 2
Redita [2nd series] RLP 130LPNetherlands1986Step It Up And Go-Memphis Rockabilly
Redita [2nd series] RLP- 134LPNetherlands1990Bandera Rockabillies
Redita [2nd series] RLP 135LPNetherlands Bandera Rock & Roll
Redita [2nd series] 136LPNetherlands Moon Records: Rock On The Moon
Redita [2nd series] 137LPNetherlands Rock To The Music / Bob Davies & The Rhythm Jesters
Redita [2nd series] 139LPNetherlands1999Rockin' Ronnie Self
Redita [2nd series] RLP 142LPNetherlands Stick Around Baby / Jack Scott
Redita [2nd series] RR 146CDNetherlands2002I'm Moving On And Other Timeless Rockers With The Legendary Matt Lucas
Redita [2nd series] 147CDNetherlands Rockin' With Rhythm And Blues / Ronnie Haig
Redwood RR 1003LPCanada1979Rockabilly Country, Vol. 1
Reelfoot 6000LP 1978Teenage Triangle
Regency RR 101LPCanada199220 Rock 'N' Roll High School Rarities
Regency RR 102LPCanada199220 Rock 'N' Roll High School Rarities, Vol. 2
Rejoice 274 974LPBelgium1970The Unforgettable Johnny Burnette
Relaxed Rabbit 424LPCanada1984Crazy Living / Hank Davis
Relaxed Rabbit 428CDCanada1995Blue Highway / Hank Davis
Relic 7047CD  Come On
Remember 82001LP 1982Rock 'N Roll Remember, Vol. 1
Request CD 13504CDItaly1990The Presley Sound Of Ral Donner
Rev-Ola Bandstand 12 CCDEngland2007Rockin' Robbins / Marty Robbins
Rev-Ola Bandstand CR REV 21CDEngland2007Country Goes Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3: Rural Royalty
Rev-Ola Bandstand 129CDEngland2005Country Goes Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 1: The Old Guard
Rev-Ola Bandstand CR REV 170CDEngland2006Country Goes Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2: The New Breed
Revenant 209CDUnited States1998Get With It: Essential Recordings, 1954-69 / Charlie Feathers
Revival PC 0001LPUnited States1976Charlie Gracie's Early Recordings
Revival PC 0002LPUnited States1980The Other Kings
Revival 3001LPDenmark1987Tommy Sands
Revival 3002LPDenmark1987Going, Going, Gone / Chuck Miller
Revival REVIVAL 3004LPDenmark1987Rare Items / Ray Smith
Revival 3005CDDenmark1993The Very Best of Charlie Gracie
Revival 3005LPDenmark1989The Very Best of Charlie Gracie
Revival 3006LPDenmark1989Everybody's Rockin' / Bobby Lord
Revival 3007LPDenmark1988I Got A Hole In My Pocket / Little Jimmy Dickens
Revival 3008LPDenmark1988Rakin' And Scrapin' / Dean Beard
Revival 3010LPDenmark1990A Lotta Rock And Roll / Johnny Bond
Revival 3012LPDenmark1989Rockin' Rollin' Stone / Andy Starr
Revival 3013LPDenmark1989Cool It Baby / Dick Lory
Revival 3014LPDenmark1989Walk My Way Back Home / Whitey Pullen
Revival 3015LPDenmark1990Juke Box Johnny / Lattie Moore
Revival 3016CDDenmark1990Very Best of Charlie Gracie, Vol. 2
Revival 3016LPDenmark1990Boogie Boogie Blues And Other Rarities / Charlie Gracie
Revival 3017LPDenmark1990Rockin' With The Guitar Man / Jerry Reed
Revival 4001LP 1987Rockabilly Boogie - Rare Items, Vol. 1
Revival 4002LP 1988Rockabilly Boogie - Rare Items, Vol. 2
Revival 4003LP 1988Rockabilly Boogie - Rare Items, Vol. 3
Revival 4004LP  Carry On / Jimmy Newman & Johnnie Strickland
Revival Rec. 4005LP  The Phantom [And] Jamie Coe
Rhino 201LPUnited States1982The Best Of The Bobby Fuller Four
Rhino DRC3- 1211CDUnited States1994The Sun Records Collection
Rhino R2 70164CDUnited States1989Hellooo Baby!: The Best Of The Big Bopper, 1954-1959
Rhino R1 70164LPUnited States1989Hellooo Baby!: The Best Of The Big Bopper, 1954-1959
Rhino R2 70174CDUnited States The Best Of The Bobby Fuller Four
Rhino R2 70741CDUnited States1991Rock This Town: Rockabilly Hits, Vol. 1
Rhino R2 70742CDUnited States1991Rock This Town: Rockabilly Hits, Vol. 2
Rhino R2 70964CDUnited States1990The Best Of Buddy Knox
Rhino R2 70966CDUnited States1990The Best Of Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks
Rhino R2 70990CDUnited States1990Rockin' In The Country: The Best Of Wanda Jackson
Rhino R2 71222CDUnited States1993Rumble!: The Best Of Link Wray
Rhino R2 71780CDUnited States1994The Sun Records Collection
Rhino R2 73346CDUnited States2006Rockin' Bones: '50s Punk & Rockabilly
Rhino RNCD 75884CDUnited States1987The Sun Story
Rhino R2 76494CDUnited States2000I Fought The Law: The Best Of The Bobby Fuller Four
Rhino R2 77090CDUnited States Rockin' In The Country / Wanda Jackson
Rhythm Bomb RBR 5667CDEngland2008Hot Rod Classics
Richmond Mfg. CD- 1041CDUnited States1991King-Federal Rockabillies
Riveraire RIV 1001CD 1993Rockin' Rivers / Johhny Rivers
Roc 2003-01CDUnited States2003One More Time / Roc LaRue
Rock & Country 1001LPSweden1979Ron Haydock & The Boppers
Rock & Country 1006LPSweden1980Rock & Country Rockabilly, Vol. 1
Rock & Country 1007LPSweden1981Spade Rockabilly
Rock & Country 1008LPSweden1981Boogie Rockabilly / Roy Hall
Rock & Country 1009LPSweden1981Dore Rock N' Roll, Vol. 1
Rock & Country 1010LPSweden1981Yucca Rockabilly
Rock & Country 1011LPSweden1981Sarg Rockabilly
Rock & Country R&C 1012LPSweden1982Ace Rock & Roll
Rock & Country 1015LPSweden1982Goldband Rockabilly
Rock & Country R&C 1016LPSweden1983Jin Rock 'N Roll
Rock & Country R&C 1017LPSweden1983Dore Rock & Roll, Vol. 2
Rock & Country 1018LPSweden1984Razorback Rock And Roll
Rock & Country 1019LPSweden1986Vin Rock And Roll
Rock & Country 1020LPSweden1988The Buddy Holly Sound
Rock 'N' Roll 75- 001LPUnited States Jack Scott Rocks
Rock 'N' Roll 75- 002LP 1976It's Great, It's Ray Smith
Rock 'N' Roll RNR 101CD  The Party's Not Over Yet
Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party 201LP  Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party, Vol. 1
Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party RRDP 202LPEngland Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party, Vol. 2
Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party 203LP  Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party, Vol. 3
Rock Dreams BG 2039CD 1995Teenage Crush / Tommy Sands
Rock On LPM 1001LPBelgium Torture / Kris Jensen
Rock Therapy CD MI 100CDUnited States Michigan Rockers, Vol. 1
Rock-A-Tune BPR 1060CDCanada1998Hank Smith Presents The Original Rock-A-Tunes
Rock-It/Olympic RIO- 1001LPUnited States1978Rock It Rock, Vol. 1 [And] Olympic Rock, Vol. 2
Rockafeller US 7002LP 1994Rock And Roll, The Untold Story, Vol. 2: Cowboys, Hillbillies 'N Injuns
Rockafeller US 7007LP 1996Rock And Roll, The Untold Story, Vol. 7: Hillbilly Roundup
Rockafeller US 7008LP 1996Rock And Roll, The Untold Story, Vol. 8: Jive Special
Rockateer RR 961901CD  The Hillbilly Boogie Years / Rose & The Maddox Brothers
Rocket 88 RLP- 5001LPAustralia Rocked Up - Jumped Up
Rocket 88 RLP 5002LPAustralia Riot In Cell Block 9
Rockhouse LP- 8112LPNetherlands1982Together Again / Johnny & Dorsey Burnette
Rockhouse 8307LPNetherlands1983The Original Sun Sides / Barbara Pittman
Rockhouse RHLP 8402LPNetherlands1984Jump Baby Jump
Rockhouse LP 8407LPNetherlnads1984Memories Of Buddy Holly / Bobby Fuller
Rockhouse LP 8411LPNetherlands1984Rock It!
Rockhouse 8503LPNetherlands1985Rock-It, Vol. 2
Rockhouse ROCKCD 9319CDNetherlands1993Rock It: 32 Authentic R&R And Rockabilly Shakers
Rockhouse 9409CDNetherlands1994The Joint's Really Jumpin' (50s Masters) / Jimmy Evans
Rockhouse 9501CDNetherlands199650's Flash Back / Chan Romero
Rockin' 45- 005EP 1978The Presley Sound Of Vince Everett
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2005-1LPFrance2005Action Packed!, Vol. 1: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2005-2LPFrance2005Action Packed!, Vol. 2: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2005-3LPFrance2005Action Packed!, Vol. 3: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2005-4LPFrance2005Action Packed!, Vol. 4: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2007-5LPFrance2007Action Packed!, Vol. 5: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2007-6LPFrance2007Action Packed!, Vol. 6: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2008-7LP 2008Action Packed!, Vol. 7: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2008-8LP 2008Action Packed!, Vol. 8: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2009-9LP 2009Action Packed!, Vol. 9: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2010-10LP 2010Action Packed!, Vol. 10: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Rarities R.R- 2011-11LP 2011Action Packed!, Vol. 11: 16 Red Hot Rockin' Hits
Rockin' Sammy EP 144EP  Rockin' Sammy / Sammy Masters
Rockstar RSRCD 004CDEngland1993Party Doll / Buddy Knox
Rockstar 005CDEngland1994Johnny & Dorsey -- The Burnette Brothers
Rockstar RSRCD 006CDEngland1994That's The Way I Feel / Johnny Burnette
Rockstar 007CDEngland1994Let's All Rock Together / The Jodimars
Rockstar 012CDEngland1997More Radio Rockabillies / Narvel Felts & Jerry Mercer
Rockstar 016CDEngland2000Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent: The Town Hall Party Shows
Rockstar RSRCD 017CDEngland1999The Crest Records Story: Talk About A Party!
Rockstar 018CDEngland2000Rock 'N' Roll Memories / Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent
Rockstar RSRCD 028CDEngland2006Don Deal: The Early Recordings 1956-1958
Rockstar 1002LPEngland1980The Best Of Crest Records, Vol. 1: Can You Bop?
Rockstar 1003LPEngland1981The Best Of Crest Records, Vol. 2: Rockin' And A Rollin'
Rockstar RSRLP- 1011LPEngland1986Spotlight On Crest Records
Rockstar 1015LPEngland1988Try Me / Bob Luman
Rockstar 1016LPEngland1988Radio Rockabillies / Narvel Felts & Johnny Mercer
Rockstar 1017LPEngland1989We're Havin' A Party / Johnny Burnette
Rockstar RSR-LP 1022LPEngland1991Eddie & Hank, The Cochran Brothers
Rockstar RSR-EP 2008EPEngland1980Thunder & Lightning
Rockstar RSR-EP- 2013EP 1986On Tour With Gene Vincent & Eddie Cochran
Rojac 601CD 2000This Stuff Kills You
Roller Coaster RCEP 107EP  Long Blond Hair / Johnny Powers
Roller Coaster/Schoolkids 1549CD 1996Rockin' On The Radio / Sid King & The Five Strings
Rollercoaster RCEP 133EPEngland2000Rockabilly Days / Larry Donn
Rollercoaster RCCD 200CDEngland1999Now Dig This: A Whole Lotta Roller Coaster Rockers
Rollercoaster SKR 1547CDEngland2009Live At The Stockton Globe / Charlie Gracie
Rollercoaster 2001LPEngland1978Rockaphilly!
Rollercoaster 2004LPEngland1980The Return Of Rockaphilly
Rollercoaster 2005LPEngland1983Live At The Stockton Globe / Charlie Gracie
Rollercoaster 2006LPEngland1984Rockin' On The Radio / Sid King & The Five Strings
Rollercoaster 2008LPEngland1985Roller Coaster Rockers, Vol. 1
Rollercoaster 2010LPEngland1986Rock! Rock! Rock! / Johnny Powers
Rollercoaster 2015LPEngland1988Rockin' 'N' Rollin' With Big Al Downing
Rollercoaster 2017LPEngland Can't Resist That Rock And Roll / Johnny Powers
Rollercoaster RCCD 3002CDEngland1990The Way I Walk / Jack Scott
Rollercoaster 3003CDEngland1991Hep Cats From Big Spring
Rollercoaster 3004CDEngland1993Country Ways & Rockin' / Ben Hall
Rollercoaster RCCD 3013CDEngland1995Gonna Rock & Roll, Gonna Dance All Night / Hardrock Gunter
Rollercoaster RCCD 3018CDEngland2001Rockin' On The Radio / Sid King
Rollercoaster 3035CDEngland1999Rockaboogie Shake / Gene Summers
Rollercoaster 3037CDEngland1999Greatest Grooves / Groovey Joe Poovey
Rollercoaster RCCD 3038CDEngland Long Blond Hair / Johnny Powers
Rollercoaster 3042CDEngland1999The Big D Jamboree Live
Rollercoaster RCCD 3050CDEngland2002Sweet Rockin' Rock-ola Ruby / Sonny West
Rollercoaster RCCD 3054CDEngland2007Cool Daddy / Jimmy Kirkland
Rollin' Rock LP 001LPUnited States Rockabilly / Ray Campi
Rondo RLP 22436LPBelgium Taking Care Of Business / Ral Donner
Rondo 22437LPBelgium Taking Care Of Business, Vol. 2/ Ral Donner
Rose Island [no #]CDUnited States Spanning The Decades / Jody Gibson
Roulette SLVLXR 493LPFrance1970Rock Story, Vol. 2 / Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks
Roulette R- 25003LP  Buddy Knox
Roulette 25004LP 1986Jimmy Bowen
Roulette 25048LP 1992Buddy Knox And Jimmy Bowen
Roulette 25102LP 1993Mr. Dynamo / Ronnie Hawkins
Roulette (Netherlands) SR 25109LPNetherlands1978Woo Hoo / The Rock-A-Teens
Roulette (Sweden) SR 25109LPSweden1977Woo Hoo / The Rock-A-Teens
Rounder SS 36LPUnited States1990We Wanna Boogie / Sonny Burgess
Rounder CD SS 37CDUnited States1990Sun Rockabilly
Rounder SS 37LPUnited States1990Sun Rockabilly
Rounder 1031LPUnited States1981Wild, Wild Young Women
Rounder 1034LPUnited States Atomic Cafe
Ruby [no #]CD  28 Rare Hamilton, Ohio, Gems
Rundell 001LPGermany1983Rock And Roll Meeting
Rundell RUN 1CDGermany1997Slim Rhodes & Sonny Williams : Cotton Town Jubilee Recording
Rundell 2CDGermany1999Ray Smith Sings And Rocks / Ray Smith
Rundell RUN 04CDGermany1995Cotton Town Jubilee
Rundell RUN 006LPGermany1987Cincinnati Rock & Roll
Rundell RUN 010LPGermany1990Rebel & Rebel Ace Label Collection
Rundell 012LPGermany1991The Cotton Town Jubilee Recordings / Slim Rhodes & Sonny Williams
Rundell 013LPGermany1999Sings And Rocks / Ray Smith
Rundell RUN 015LPGermany1992Cotton Town Jubilee
Rush Publishing 37101 36883CDUnited States2007Rare & Rockin! / Al Hendrix
Rykodisc RCD 20126CDUnited States1989Get With The Beat: The Mar-vel Masters

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