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Comps Label Index for S

Label & Number Format Location Date Title
SD 810LPGermany1991Rockin' Daddy
SD 820LPGermany1991Rock It
SD 830LPGermany1991Let's Get Wild
SD 840LPGermany1991Sixteen Chicks
SD SD 850LPGermany1991Chicken Bop
SD SD 860LPGermany1991Teenage Cutie
SSS HJS 224LPNetherlands1973Rocking & Stomping
STCTU STCTU 001CD  Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 1
STCTU STCTU 002CD  Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 2
STCTU STCTU- 003CD  Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 3
Saber/Farrall 45- 708/687EP 2011Jimmie Dale
Sage & Sand SS- 930701CDNetherlands1993Sage & Sand, Vol. 1: Let's All Go Wild
Sage & Sand SS- 930702CDNetherlands1993Sage & Sand, Vol. 2: Let Me Slide
Satellite SAT-C- 971105CDUnited States1998The Complete Satellite Recordings
Schoolkids 1547CD 1996Live At The Stockton Globe / Charlie Gracie
Schoolkids 1548CD 1997Rockin' & Rollin' / Big Al Downing
Security [no #]10England2000Texas Rockabilly / Jerry Arnold
See For Miles 79CD 1999The Crickets File, 1961-1965
See For Miles 79LP 1987The Crickets File, 1961-1965
See For Miles 98LP 1988Hollywood Hillbillies
See For Miles SSCD 705CD 2000The EP Collection / Moon Mullican
Seeburg 3301LPUnited States Bob Luman Is Red Hot
Select CD 586CD 2001Red Hot: The Best Of Sun Rockabilly
Select COR 1707LP 1989Crash's Greatest Hits / Billy "Crash" Craddock
Sequel NED CD 190CDEngland1991The Complete Ral Donner, 1959-1962
Sequel 266CDEngland1994The Roulette Years / Ronnie Hawkins
Sequel NED CD 278CDEngland1996Buddy Knox, Jimmy Bowen: The Complete Roulette Recordings
Sequel 619CDEngland1994Roulette Rock And Roll Collection
Sequel NEM 670CDEngland1994Roulette Rock And Roll Collection, Vol. 2
Sequel NEM 754CDEngland1995Roulette Rock And Roll Collection, Vol. 3
Sequel NEM 921CDEngland1997Lotta Boppin' (And Plenty Screamin' Too!): Roulette Rock & Roll, Vol.4
Seville SEL 4LPEngland1982Something To Shout About
Seville SEL 5LPEngland1982Teenage Meeting
Seville SEL 6LPEngland1982Night And Day U.S.A.
Sheik TEN- 10110Spain Texas Bop, Vol. 1
Sheik TEN- 10210Spain Texas Bop, Vol. 2
Sheik LP 501LPSpain2009Saints And Sinners, Vol. 1
Sheik LP 502LPSpain2009Saints And Sinners, Vol. 2
Sheik LP 503LPSpain Saints And Sinners, Vol. 3
Sheik LP 504LPSpain Saints And Sinners, Vol. 4
Sheik LP 505LPSpain Saints And Sinners, Vol. 5
Sheik LP 506LPSpain Saints And Sinners, Vol. 6
Sheik LP 507LPSpain Saints And Sinners, Vol. 7
Sheik LP 508CDSpain Saints And Sinners, Vol. 8
Sheik LP 601LPSpain Long Gone Cats, Vol. 1
Sheik LP 602LPSpain Long Gone Cats, Vol. 2
Shimmy SHIM CD 101CD  Rockabilly Boys
Silhouette Music SM 10003LPUnited States1980The Day The Music Died
Simpletone Simple 352LPUnited States Ghoul's Night Out, Vol. 1
Simpletone Simple 353LPUnited States Ghoul's Night Out, Vol. 2
Sing 555LPDenmark1988Moon Mullican Sings His All-Time Greatest Hits
Sing 1160LPDenmark1988Seventeen / Boyd Bennett
Skinupski LP 1LP  Mello Jello . . . For Mello Muffins
Skinupski LP 2LP  Mello Jello . . . For Groovy Ghouls
Skyline SKY 1254LP 1983Rock 'N Roll / Johnny Burnette
Skyline 1515LPSweden?1984Johnny Carroll
Skyline 1880LP 1986Narvel Felts
Skyline 1990LP 1986Dorsey Burnette
Skyline 2011LP 1989The Burnette Connection
Skyrocket SR- 2000LP  Hillbilly In Philly
Sleaze SL- 5562LP 1988Sin Alley, Vol. 4
Sleazy RAB 01CD 2007Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 1
Sleazy RAB 02CD 2007Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 2
Sleazy RAB 03CD 2007Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 3
Sleazy RAB 04CD  Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 4
Sleazy RAB 05CD  Rockabilly Race: 25 Pure Rockabilly Tracks, Vol. 5
Smith & Co. SCCD 1125CDNetherlands2007Great Rockabilly: Just About As Good As It Gets!
Smith & Co. SCCD 1145CDNetherlands2008Great Rockabilly: Just About As Good As It Gets!, Vol. 2
Smith & Co. SCCD 1170CD  Great Rockabilly: Just About As Good As It Gets!, Vol. 3
Smith & Co. SCCD 1197CD  Great Rockabilly: Just About As Good As It Gets!, Vol. 4
Smith & Co. SCCD 2440CDNetherlands Great Rockabilly: Just About As Good As It Gets!, Vol. 5
Smithsonian RD 051CDUnited States1992Memphis Rocks: Rockabilly in Memphis, 1954-1968
Solid Gold SGR- 102CDUnited States2000Real Cool / Aubrey Cagle
Solid Smoke 8001LPUnited States1978Tear It Up / Johnny Burnette
Solid Smoke 8005LPUnited States1980Together Again / Johnny & Dorsey Burnette
Soma MG- 1240LP 1980Mule Skinner Blues / The Fendermen
Sonet 807LPSweden1980Major Bill Texas Rock And Roll
Sonet SLPD 2642LPSweden1979In Memoriam / Larry Finnegan
Songs About Elvis 8135LPUnited States Songs About Elvis
Sony Music Spec. Prod. WK 75068CDUnited States1983Introducing Larry And Lorrie -- The Collins Kids
Sony Music Special Prod. WK 75064CDUnited States1981Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 1
South Bay SB 3029CDJapan1995Just Rollin' With Johnny Olenn
South Bay 5392CDJapan1994Tennessee Waltz / Bobby Comstock
Spade CD- 3013CD  The Best of Spade Records
Spade SP 199955.8CD 1994The Best Of Spade Records
Sparkletone SP-CD 99006CDDenmark1995Mickey Gilley's Rockin' Rollin' Piano
Sparkletone 99008CDDenmark1997Boogie Blues / Chuck Miller
Sparkletone SP-CD 99010CDDenmark1995Bob Luman Rocks: His '50s Recordings
Sparkletone CD 99012CDGermany1995Complete 1957-59 Recordings / The Sparkletones
Sparkletone 99013CDDenmark1995Torture / Kris Jensen
Spectrum 554 906CD 2000The Best Of The Big Bopper
Speed [no #]CD  Speed Crazy
Spin EMG- 1000CDUnited States1997$15,000 Worth Of Rockabilly
Spin 1001CDUnited States1997$15,000 Worth Of Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Spin-It 702CD  Bip Bop Bip, Vol. 1: Boppin' Down Broadway
Spin-It 703CD  Bip Bop Bip, Vol. 2: Hoppin' In Hollywood
Splendid SLP 103LPSwitzerland1970This Is Razorback: Rock And Roll In Arkansas
Spotlight SPO- 131LPSweden?1977The Sun Story, Vol. 6 / Carl Mann
Spotlight SPO- 132CDSweden? The Sun Story, Vol. 7 / Warren Smith
Spotlight SPO 132LPSweden1977The Sun Story, Vol. 7 / Warren Smith
Stacy 100LP 1976Surfin' Hootenanny / Al Casey
Star 312LP 1979Charlie Feathers
Star 1020LP 1984Oh Baby That's What I Like / The Big Bopper
Star ST 1051LP  Now There's Only Me / Buddy Knox
Star-Club 506000CDSweden1995Red Hot / Bob Luman
Star-Club 506001CDSweden1997Great Scott, 1957-1977 / Jack Scott
Star-Club 506002CDSweden1999Bip Bop Boom, 1958-89 / Mickey Hawks
Star-Club 506003CDSweden2003Hey Everybody: Anthology 1958-65 / Curtis Hobock
Star-Club CD 506007CDSweden1996The Rockin' Honky Tonk Country Man / Benny Barnes
Star-Club 506008CDSweden1997Red Coat, Green Pants, Red Suede Shoes / Lloyd Arnold
Star-Club 506009CDSweden1999Yah! I'm Movin', 1955-76 / Jimmy Patton
Star-Club 506010CDSweden1995Rockin' Rollin' Wheelin'
Star-Club 506020CDSweden1995High School Rock 'N' Roll: The Isle Connection
Star-Club 5060102CDSweden2002Teen-Age Bop!
Star-Club/Rollin' Rock 5000LPSweden1980Rollin' Rock Got The Sock
Star-Shine 101CDUnited States Teen Rocket Ride
Star-Shine LP 470313LPUnited States Juke-Box Favorites, Vol. 1
Star-Shine LP 580424LP  Juke-Box Favorites, Vol. 2
Starday SLP- 102LPUnited States Hillbilly Hit Parade, Part 1
Starday LP 218LP 1997The Lost Starday Recordings
Starday 1321LP 1988Let's Get Wild / Rudy Grayzell
Starday/Gusto SLP 398LPUnited States1977Unforgettable Moon Mullican
Stardust 1019CDCanada1995The Best Of Jack Scott, 1957-1960
Stardust CD 5001CD 1992All Time Greatest Hits Of Johnny Preston
Starfire SLP- 1002LPUnited States1981Boppin' With Robin / Robin Luke
Starfire 1002 (pic)LPUnited States1981Boppin' With Robin [picture disc] / Robin Luke
Starfire 1003LPUnited States1982The Best Of Starfire
Starflite SF- 2001LPUnited States1977Out Of Reach / Freddie Fender
Starflite LP 2002LP  Born To Be A Loser / Jimmy Donley
Starline SRS 5120LPEngland1972Pioneers Of Rock, Vol. 2 / Wanda Jackson
Starlite CDS 51021CD  La Bamba / Ritchie Valens
States Of America S/Q/A-VE/ 231LP 1980Elvis, Elvis Always On My Mind (The Legend Lives On) / Vince Everett
Stock Car 101LP 2008Rockin' On The Race Track
Stock Car 102LP 200832 Ford
Stock Car 103LP 2008Boppin' Bobbie Jean
Stock Car 104LP  Marianne: 16 Hot Rockin' Tracks
Stomper Time STEN 110England1997Living Mono / Jack Earls
Stomper Time STCD 1CDEngland1992Rockin' Daddy / Eddie Bond
Stomper Time STEP 2EPEngland Rudy Grayzell Sings 'Duck Tail' And Other Hits
Stomper Time STCD 3CDEngland1993The Last Great Rockabilly Saturday Night
Stomper Time STEP 3EPEngland Rock All Night With Glenn Honeycutt
Stomper Time STEN 410England1998Fernwood Rockabillies
Stomper Time STCD 4CDEngland1993Missouri Rockabilly 1955-1965 / Glen Glenn
Stomper Time STEP 4EPEngland Jack Earls
Stomper Time STEN 510England1999Living Mono / Glen Glenn
Stomper Time STCD 5CDEngland1995Gonna Rock & Roll Tonight / Carl Mann
Stomper Time STCD 6CDEngland1996The Best Of Johnny Preston
Stomper Time STCD 7CDEngland1998Fernwood Rockabillies
Stomper Time STCD 8CDEngland1998The Last Great Rockabilly Saturday Night, Vol. 2
Stomper Time STCD 9CDEngland1999Fernwood Rock & Roll
Stomper Time STCD 10CDEngland2000Hot Rockin' Music From Memphis: The Cover Recording Company Story
Stomper Time STCD 11CDEngland Arkansas Rock 'N' Roll / Sonny Burgess
Stomper Time STCD 12CDEngland2001Nashville Rockabilly
Stomper Time STCD 13CDEngland2001Nashville Rock 'N' Roll
Stomper Time STCD 14CDEngland2001Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies, & Honky Tonkers
Stomper Time STCD 15CDEngland2002Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies, & Honky Tonkers, Vol. 2
Stomper Time STCD 16CDEngland2002Rebel - Rebel Ace Records Story
Stomper Time STCD 19CDEngland2004Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies, & Honky Tonkers, Vol. 4
Stomper Time STCD 20CDEngland2005Hot Rockin' Music From Tennessee: The Jaxon Recording Company Story
Stomper Time STCD 21CDEngland2006Memphis Rockabillies, Hillbillies, & Honky Tonkers, Vol. 5
Stomper Time STCD 22CDEngland2006Hot Rockin' Music From Tennessee, Vol. 2: The Westwood Recording Company Story
Stomper Time STCD 23CDEngland2007Memphis Rockabilly King / Eddie Bond
Stomper Time STCD 24CDEngland2008Luke McDaniel Is Jeff Daniels, Mississippi Honky-Tonk Rockabilly Man
Stomper Time STCD 27CDEngland Everybody's Rocking Again / Sonny Burgess
Stomper Time STCD 28CDEngland Kentucky Hillbilly Rockabilly Man / Delbert Barker
Strand 6. 24885 ASLPGermany1982The Bobby Fuller Memorial Album / Bobby Fuller Four
Strip CR-ST 001LP  Las Vegas Grind!
Strip CR-ST 002LP  Louie's Limbo Lounge
Strip CD 00102CD  Las Vegas Grind, Part 1
Suede 5787LP 1987Rock And Roll Years / Johnny Rivers
Suffolk Marketing FF- 100LPUnited States1976The Fabulous Freddy Fender, His All-Time Favorites
Sun no #10 1998Memphis Bop
Sun MC 024CD 1994Best Of Sun Rock & Roll
Sun LP- 80110 1994Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll
Sun LP- 80210 1994Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2
Sun LP- 80310  Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3
Sun LP- 80410  Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 4
Sun LP- 80510  Sun Country Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 5
Sun 1008LP 1988I Done Told You / Gene Simmons
Sun 1009LP 1988I'm Right Behind You Baby / Ray Smith
Sun (England) 3CDEngland1988Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 1
Sun (England) 6CDEngland1988Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 2
Sun (England) 9CDEngland1991Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 3
Sun (England) 12CDEngland1991Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 4
Sun (England) 14CDEngland1991Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 5
Sun (England) 15CDEngland1990Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 6
Sun (England) 16CDEngland1990Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 7
Sun (England) 17CDEngland1993Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 8
Sun (England) CDX 17LPEngland1987The Rockin' Mann / Carl Mann
Sun (England) 18CDEngland1993Rock 'N' Roll Originals, Vol. 9
Sun (England) CDX 23LPEngland1988Real Memphis Rock And Roll / Warren Smith
Sun (England) 32CDEngland1991Rockin' With Ray / Ray Smith
Sun (England) 33CDEngland1991Those Rockin' Gals
Sun (England) CD Charly 93CDEngland1987Rockin' Love / Carl Mann
Sun (England) CFM 50110England1981Rock, Baby, Rock It
Sun (England) CFM 50210England1981I Need A Man
Sun (England) CFM 50310England1981Flyin' Saucers Rock 'N' Roll
Sun (England) CFM 50410England1981All Night Rock
Sun (England) CFM 50510England1981Rockabilly Jamboree
Sun (England) CFM 50610England1982Rockabilly Craze
Sun (England) CFM 50710England1982Tennessee Stomp
Sun (England) CFM 50810England1982Dixie Bop
Sun (England) CFM 50910England1982Hillbilly Rock
Sun (England) CFM 51010England1982Rockabilly Fever
Sun (England) CFM 51110England1982Hep Cats Session
Sun (England) CFM 51210England1982The Swingin' Blast
Sun (England) CFM 51310England1982Teenage Bop
Sun (England) SUN 1010 [1st]LPEngland1978Sun Rockabillies; Vol. 1
Sun (England) LP 1016LPEngland Good Ole Memphis Country
Sun (England) SUN 1018LPEngland1985Rabbit Action
Sun (England) SUN 1019LPEngland1985Rock-A-Billy Blues
Sun (England) SUN 1021LPEngland1985Rock Bop Boogie
Sun (England) 1022LPEngland1985We Wanna Boogie / Sonny Burgess
Sun (England) SUN 1023LPEngland1985Rock And Roll Pills
Sun (England) SUN 1024LPEngland1985Hot Southern Boppers
Sun (England) SUN 1025LPEngland1985Hop Flop And Fly
Sun (England) SUN 1026LPEngland1985Rockabilly Tunes
Sun (England) SUN 1027LPEngland1985Sonny Burgess And The Pacers
Sun (England) SUN 1029LPEngland1985Shake Around
Sun (England) SUN 1030LPEngland1985Rockin' Rollin' Country Style
Sun (England) SUN 1031LPEngland1986Country Rock Sides
Sun (England) LP 1035LPEngland1986Sunset Special
Sun (England) LP 1036LPEngland1988More Sundown Rockers
Sun (England) LP 1037LPEngland1986After The Hop
Sun (England) LP 1038LPEngland1986Feel Like Rockin'
Sun (England) 1039LPEngland1987V'3 / Sonny Burgess
Sun (England) 1048LPEngland1989Warren Smith
Sun (England) CRS 1049LPEngland1989Billy Lee Riley & The Little Green Men
Sun (England) 6467 006LPEngland1969Original Memphis Rock & Roll, Vol. 1
Sun (England) 6467 025LPEngland1973Sun Rockabillys: Put Your Cat Clothes On
Sun (England) 6467 027LPEngland1974Sun Rockabillys, Vol. 2: Carryin' On
Sun (England) 6467 028LPEngland1974Sun Rockabillys, Vol. 3
Sun (England) 6641 180LPEngland1974The Sun Story
Sun (France) CD SAM 103CDFrance1988The Sound Of Sun
Sun (U.S.) 116LPUnited States1970Original Memphis Rock 'N' Roll
Sun (U.S.) 120LPUnited States Memphis Country
Sun (U.S.) SUN- 1032LPUnited States1986Rockin' Records
Sun (U.S.) SUN- 1033LPUnited States1988Rockin' Records, [Vol. 2]
Sun (U.S.) SRC-CD- 7022CDUnited States1995Rockabilly Portrait
Sundazed LP 5019LPUnited States1996Is You Is Or Is You Ain't? / Huelyn Duvall
Sundazed LP 5026LPUnited States Surfin' Hootenanny / Al Casey
Sundazed SC 6083CDUnited States1996Is You Is Or Is You Ain't? / Huelyn Duvall
Sundown SDLP- 1013LPEngland1984Let's Think About Living / Bob Luman
Sunjay SJLP 561LPSweden1985The Flood Tapes, 1959-1962 / Sonny Burgess
Sunjay SJLP 568LPSweden1986Memphis Rockabilly
Sunjay SJLP 569LPSweden1986Early Days / Hayden Thompson
Sunjay SJLP 572LPSweden1987Rockabilly Legend / Glen Glenn
Sunjay SJLP 574LPSweden1987Early Days / Eddie Bond
Sunjay SJLP 578LPSweden1988Memphis Rockabilly, Vol. 2
Sunjay SJLP 579LPSweden1988Endless Sleep / Jody Reynolds
Sunjay SJLP 581LPSweden1988Rockin' Roll Rarities / Johnny Carroll
Sunjay SJLP 582LPSweden1989California Rockabillies
Sunjay 583LPSweden1989Bip Bop Boom / Mickey Hawks
Sunjay 588LPSweden1991Big D Jamboree
Sunjay 592CDSweden1992You Shake Me Up / Andy Anderson
Sunjay SJCD 600CDSweden1994Crazy 'Bout An Automobile
Sunjay 70601CDSweden1998The Legendary Sun Artists
Sunrock SLP 822LPSweden1982Rock 'N' Roll Jamboree
Sunrock 831LPSweden1983Rock 'N' Roll Jamboree, Vol. 2
Sunset SLS 50206LPEngland1976Rock Reflections 1 / Buddy Knox
Sunset SLS 50207LPEngland1971Rock Reflections / The Crickets
Sunset SLS 50413LPEngland1978Tenth Anniversary Album / Johnny Burnette
Sunset (France) SLS 50393LPFrance1978Tenth Anniversary Album / Johnny Burnette
Sunset (Netherlands) DA 5034LPNetherlands1976Dreamin' / Johnny Burnette
Supersonic FV 1169LPUnited States?1979Hot Boppin' Girls
Supersonic LPV 1170LPUnited States?1981Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 2
Supersonic 1171LPUnited States?1981Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 3
Supersonic LP-FV 1172LPUnited States?1986Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 4
Supersonic 1173LPUnited States?1987Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 5
Supersonic 1174LPUnited States?1988Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 6
Supersonic 1175LPUnited States?1991Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 7
Supersonic 1176LPUnited States?1991Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 8
Supersonic FV 1177LPUnited States?1995Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 9
Supersonic FV 1178LPUnited States?1995Hot Boppin' Girls, Vol. 10
Supersonicsound LP- 1180LPUnited States?1981Teentown Hop: The Other Kings, Vol. 2
Swing B 4950LPItaly1990Rock And Roll / Boyd Bennett & His Rockets

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