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Title & Credits Image Artist Label & Number Date Matrix Comps
No rating Time — Boyd Bennett Label shot
Bennett, BoydKernel (Ky.)  2050  [45]1965
mx series
SoN 18721  
Pertinent Time — Al Davis And The Gunshots
(from 45)
Label shot
Davis, AlManco (Texas)  1052  [45]
(pressed by Wakefield)
mx series
2112 SJW-5258 Bullet B-Sharp CD 6/27 (#21)
Bullet B-Sharp LP 666- 5 (#7)
No rating Time — Rusty Draper / Orchestra Conducted By David Carroll Draper, RustyMercury (Ill.)  70696  [78]1955/Sept.
(Bb est.)
No rating Time — Rusty Draper / Orchestra And Chorus Conducted By David Carroll Vocal By Rusty Draper And The Ja Label shot
Draper, RustyMercury (Ill.)  70696X45 [45]1955/Sept.
(Bb est.)
No rating Time — T.K. Hulin Label shot
Hulin, T.K.L&K (La.)  1124  [45] 
No rating Time — Curley Money Label shot
Money, CurleyRambler (Ga.) 641R-5466  [45]
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
Non-pertinent Time (Is Endless) — Marshall & Wes And The Jodimars Label shot
JodimarsMilestone (Calif.)  2004  [45]1960
(Bb est.)
MR 108  
Non-pertinent Time After Time — Johnny Brown Label shot
Carl & NormanEmpire (D.C.) 45-EP-511  [45 EP]
Cover shot
mx series
No rating Time After Time — Rick Nelson Label shot
Nelson, RickyImperial (Calif.)  5985  [45]1963/Aug. 10
Bb pop rev.
No rating Time After Time — The Van Delles Label shot
Van DellesBolo (Wash.) 45-731  [45]
(pressed by Monarch)
mx series
No rating Time And Place — McGraw Brothers Label shot
McGraw BrothersCheltenham (Pa.) CH-1004  [45]1964/Dec. 19
CB pop rev.
No rating Time Can Change — Dick Glasser Label shot
Glasser, DickColumbia (N.Y.) 4-41762  [45]1960/Aug. 15
Bb pop rev.
ZSP 51191 Bullet [no label name] CD [dg&dl] (#16)
Non-pertinent The Time Clock — Gene Smith
(from 45)
Label shot
Smith, GeneREM (Ky.) 45-440  [45]1969/Mar.
BMI clear.
R Bullet Collector CD 4532 (#7)
No rating Time For School — Ronnie Moore Moore, RonnieTeen's Choice (Ala.) TC-7  [45]
(pressed by Rite)
1960/Oct. 17
Bb pop rev.
No rating The Time Has Come — Bob Perry Perry, BobBandera (Ill.)     [unissued] 
  Bullet Ace CD 811 (#21)
No rating ( Time Heals All Wounds And) Time Wounds All Heels — Loy Clingman Sings With Al Casey And The Arizona Hayriders Label shot
Clingman, LoyViv (Ariz.) 45-2000  [45] 
2000 Bullet El Toro CD 1036 (#54)
No rating Time Is Hanging Heavy On My Hands — Dean Beard With The Fox Four-Sevens Beard, DeanFox (Calif.)  408  [78]1955/Dec. 10
Bb c&w rev.
Pertinent Time Is Hanging Heavy On My Hands — Dean Beard With The Fox Four-Sevens
(from Bison Bop LP 2033)
Label shot
Beard, DeanFox (Calif.) 45-408  [45]1955/Dec. 10
Bb c&w rev.
A Bullet Bison Bop LP 2033 (#6)
Bullet Buffalo Bop LP 2033 (#6)
Bullet El Toro CD 1010 (#16)
Bullet Encore CD 193587 (#14)
Bullet Pan American CD 56010 (#2)
Bullet Revival LP 3008 (#14)
No rating Time Is Not Enough — Johnny Burnette / Arranged And Conducted By Bill Justis
(from unknown source)
Label shot
Burnette, JohnnyChancellor (Pa.) C-1129  [45]1962/Dec. 22
Bb pop rev.
B Bullet Liberty [bootleg] LP 7190 (#17)
Bullet Rejoice LP 274 974 (#9)
No rating The Time Is Right — Jay B. Loyd Loyd, Jay B.[unissued]     [unissued] 
  Bullet Cream/Hi CD 44 (#51)
Bullet Hi (England) CD 128 (#22)
Bullet Hi (England) LP 442 (#22)
Bullet Zu-Zazz LP 2005 (#3)
Borderline The Time Is Right — Lance Roberts With The Gene Lowery Singers
(from 45)
Label shot
Roberts, LanceSun (Tenn.)  348  [45]1960/Oct. 24
Bb pop rev.
No rating The Time Is Right — Lewis Weber And The Hi Fi's
(from 45)
Label shot
Weber, LewisTatoo (Fla.) J80W-7453  [45]
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
Non-pertinent Time Is Tough — Chuck Wiley
(from Ace CD 473)
Wiley, Chuck[unissued]     [unissued] 
  Bullet Ace CD 473 (#6)
Bullet Gee Dee Music CD 270116 (#13)
No rating Time Is Wasting — George Darro Label shot
Darro, GeorgeNationwide (loc?)  101  [45]
(pressed by Columbia)
mx series
Non-pertinent Time Lock — George Jones Jones, GeorgeMercury (Ill.)  LP cut  [LP]1964
  Bullet Mercury LP 095-1 M-1 (#12)
Bullet Mercury LP 826 095 (#12)
No rating Time Out — Johnny Skiles – (instr.)
(from White Label LP 8967)
Skiles, JohnnyHonee B (Calif.)     [unissued]1961-62
  Bullet White Label LP 8967 (#5)
No rating Time Out — Bob Hill And Johnny Skiles / Gene Cipolla On Drums – (instr.) Skiles, JohnnyRural Rhythm (Calif.) 45-EP-517  [45 EP]1959/May
(Bb est.)
No rating Time Out For The Blues — Dick Hart / Cowtown Hoedowner's
(from 45)
Label shot
Hart, DickCowtown Hoedown (Texas) 45-778  [45]
(pressed by Southern)
1957/June 3
Bb c&w rev.
No rating Time Stole My Empire — Black Jack Wayne Label shot
Wayne, JackBlack Jack (Calif.)  1001  [45] 
No rating Time Stood Still — Easy Deal Wilson Wilson, Easy DealPark Central (Ariz.)  6251  [45] 
No rating Time Time — Paul Chaplain – (instr.)
(from White Label LP 8915)
Chaplain, Paul[need info]     [ ] 
  Bullet Club LP 005 (#13)
Bullet White Label LP 8915 (#3)
No rating Time Trap — The Walkers Label shot
Ray, BurchSoma (Minn.)  1187  [45]1962/June
(Bb est.)
No rating Time Will Bring You Everything — Gene Vincent Vincent, GeneCapitol (Calif.) EAP3-970  [45 EP]
Gene Vincent Rocks And The Blue Caps Roll, Part 3 [mono]
Cover shot
1958/Mar. 3
Bb Aud.
No rating Time Will Bring You Everything — Gene Vincent Vincent, GeneCapitol (Calif.) T-970  [LP]
Gene Vincent Rocks! & The Blue Caps Roll [mono]
Cover shot
1958/Mar. 3
Bb Aud.
Non-pertinent Time Will Make You Pay — Bill Watkins Label shot
Watkins, BillLucky (Ohio)  0006  [45]
(pressed by Rite)
1959/Sept. 14
Bb c&w rev.
Pertinent Time Will Tell — Art Buchanan And Combo
(from Buffalo Bop CD 55064)
Label shot
Buchanan, ArtFlame (loc?) [3] BUCH-1  [45]  Bootlegs exist 
A Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55064 (#15)
Bullet Chief CD 1156505 (#19)
Bullet Esoldun LP 2009 (#12)
Bullet Lost Gold CD 82097 (#5)
Bullet Lucky CD 502 (#6)
Bullet Presto CD 10 (#21)
Bullet White Label LP 8945 (#5)
Pertinent Time Will Tell — The Crickets CricketsCoral (N.Y.)     [unissued]1959
  Bullet Bear Family CD 15599 (#5)
Bullet Charly LP 30226 (#9)
Bullet MCA CD 30591 (#9)
Bullet [label?] CD 112 098 (#9)
No rating Time Will Tell — The Crickets
(from LP)
CricketsCoral (N.Y.) CRL-57320  [LP]
In Style With The Crickets [mono]
  Bullet Music Club CD 177 (#20)
No rating Time Will Tell — Bob Denton
(from Lonely LP 2217 [1st])
Label shot
Denton, BobDot (Calif.) 45-15716  [45]1958/Mar. 17
Bb pop rev.
MW-9868 Bullet Lonely LP 2217 [1st] (#6)
Bullet Lonely LP 2217 [2nd] (#6)
Pertinent Time Will Tell — Jimmy Isle Label shot
Isle, JimmySun (Tenn.)  318  [45]1959/Apr. 6
Bb c&w rev.
U-352 Bullet Star-Club CD 506020 (#11)
Bullet Sun (England) CD 16 (#23)
No rating Time Will Tell [alt. vers.] — Art Buchanan Buchanan, Art[unissued]     [unissued] 
  Bullet Collector CD 4467 (#21)
No rating Time Will Tell [stereo vers.] — The Crickets CricketsCoral (N.Y.) CRL-757320  [LP]
In Style With The Crickets [stereo]
Cover shot
  Bullet MCA (England) LP 2710 (#17)
No rating Time Wise — The Windsors WindsorsOfficial (loc?) O-105  [45]
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
Pertinent Time's A Wastin' — Lou Josie
(from Classics CD 730)
Label shot
Josie, LouArgo (Ill.)  5312  [45]  Bootlegs exist1958/Sept. 22
Bb pop rev.
8965 Bullet Classics CD 730 (#17)
Bullet Juke Box Saturday Night LP 1001 (#2)
No rating Times Change (But Don't Change Your Love For Me) — The Uniques / Vocal by Stuffy Label shot
UniquesDemand (Mass.)  2940  [45] 
No rating Times Change (But Don't Change Your Love For Me) — The Uniques / Vocal by "Stuffy" Label shot
UniquesDot (Calif.) 45-16533  [45]1963/Sept.
(Bb est.)
No rating Times Have Changed — O'Brein Fisher Label shot
Fisher, BrienSpangle (Ohio)  502  [45]
(pressed by Rite)
mx series
Pertinent Times Have Changed — Paul Ott
(from 45)
Label shot
Ott, PaulThunder Int. (Miss.)  1024  [45]1960/Apr. 25
Bb pop rev.
Pertinent Times Have Changed — "Elmo" Stringer
(from 45)
Label shot
Stringer, "Elmo"Thunder (Miss.)  1021  [45]1959/Aug. 3
Bb pop rev.
NR-93 Bullet Collector CD 4528 (#9)
No rating Times Like This — Dick Damron Label shot
Damron, DickQuality (Canada)  1374X [45]1962/Feb.
CHUM chart
S2 Bullet Classics CD 729 (#2)

 Records 1-75 of 75

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