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Copas, Lloyd

Born 1913 in Blue Creek, Ohio. Died in 1963.


  • Feature article, discography, and sessionography in issue 102 (2004) of American Music Magazine.

Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
1949/Oct. 15
Bb c&w rev.
King (Ohio)  811  [78] No rating Hangman's Boogie
Cowboy Copas
Label shot
    No rating Blue Pacific Waltz
Cowboy Copas
Label shot
1955/Apr. 2
Bb c&w rev.
King (Ohio)  1456  [78] No rating Pledging My Love
Cowboy Copas
    No rating Ashamed Of Myself
Cowboy Copas
1955/Apr. 2
Bb c&w rev.
King (Ohio) 45-1456  [45] No rating Pledging My Love
Cowboy Copas
Label shot
    No rating Ashamed Of Myself
Cowboy Copas
Label shot
1957/Dec. 2
Bb c&w rev.
Dot (Calif.) 45-15668  [45] Borderline Blue Kimona
Cowboy Copas
Label shot
(from 45)
MW-9717 Bullet CCL LP 1145 (#2)
    Non-pertinent Breeze
Cowboy Copas
Label shot
(Bb est.)
Dot (Calif.) 45-15735  [45]
(pressed by Monarch)
Pertinent Circle Rock
Lloyd Copas
Label shot
(from Bear Family CD 15711)
MW-10729 Δ21094 Bullet ABC (England) LP 5247 (#9)
Bullet ABC (Germany) LP 28 082 ET (#1)
Bullet Bear Family CD 15711 (#1)
Bullet Blend CD 1 (#13)
Bullet Blend LP 82001 (#11)
Bullet CCL LP 1145 (#3)
Bullet Fed CD 05 (#28)
Bullet Lucky CD 502 (#19)
Bullet Lucky CD 811 (#21)
Bullet MCA (France) LP 204695 (#14)
Bullet MCA (U.S.) LP 1504 (#18)
Bullet One Day Music CD 174 (#40)
Bullet Presto CD 6 (#17)
Bullet Redita [1st series] LP 109 (#4)
    Pertinent ( Won't You Ride In) My Little Wagon
Lloyd Copas
Label shot
(from 45)
MW-10731 Δ21095 Bullet ABC (Germany) LP 25 552 ET (#8)
Bullet CCL LP 1145 (#1)
Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 098 (#51)
Bullet Redita [1st series] LP 109 (#5)
[live recording]     [ ] No rating Tragic Romance
Lloyd Copas
  Bullet Dragon Street CD 70100 (#1)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1974Redita [1st series] (Netherlands) 109LPNashville Country Rock
1976ABC (Germany) (Germany) 28 082 ETLPCountry Meets Rock 'N' Roll
1977ABC (Germany) (Germany) 25 552 ETLPCountry Meets Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 2
1978ABC (England) (England) 5247LPCotton Pickin' Rock
1981MCA (U.S.) (United States) MCL 1504LPRockabilly Boogie
1982Blend (Belgium) BLR. 82001LPRock & Roll Collection, Vol. 1
MCA (France) (France) 204695LPRock Hop Bop
1994Blend (Belgium) 1CDBest Of Blend Rock & Roll Collection, Vol. 1
1997Bear Family (Germany) BCD 15711CDThat'll Flat Git It, Vol. 5
Lucky (England) CDLR 811CDRockabilly Gold, Vol. 11
2000Dragon Street (United States) DCD 70100CDThe Big D Jamboree Live!
2011Fantastic Voyage (England) FVTD 098CDSassy Sugar: The Pure Essence Of Nashville Rock & Roll
2012One Day Music (England) DAY2CD 174CDEssential Rockabilly: The Dot Story
year?CCL (Germany) 1145LPRockin' Rollin' Copas / Cowboy Copas
Fed (Sweden) 05CDThe Fed Story, Vol. 5
Lucky (England) CDLR 502CDPianola Rock-Ola, Vol. 2
Presto Vol. 6CDBig Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 6

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