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Morgan Twins

Jim and Bob Morgan. Little Rock, Ark., duo.

Original Releases

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Date & Source Label & Number Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
1958/July 21
Bb c&w rev.
RCA Victor (N.J.) 47-7300  Pertinent TV Hop
Morgan Twins
Label shot
(from Bear Family CD 15622)
J2WW-3218 Bullet BMG Int. CD 75406 (#7)
Bullet Bear Family CD 15622 (#10)
Bullet Cham LP 181177 (#11)
Bullet One Day Music CD 155 (#35)
Bullet RCA (England) LP 42809 (#9)
    Pertinent This Feelin's Bound To Be Love
Morgan Twins
Label shot
J2WW-3217 Bullet Classics CD 735 (#18)
1958/Oct. 13
Bb pop rev.
RCA Victor (N.J.) 47-7373  Pertinent Let's Get Goin'
Morgan Twins
Label shot
(from 45)
J2WW-3216 Bullet Bear Family CD 17566 (#13)
Bullet Country Music Foundation CD 014-D (#30)
Bullet Country Music Foundation LP 014-L (#30)
    Non-pertinent While It Lasted
Morgan Twins
Label shot
1959/June 22
Bb pop rev.
Peak (Tenn.)  1008 
(pressed by Columbia)
No rating Sittin' In The Drive-In
Morgan Twins
Label shot
(from Classics CD 732)
ZTSP-60206 Bullet Boppin' Buick LP 1959 (#15)
Bullet Car CD 100 (#12)
Bullet Classics CD 732 (#27)
Bullet Fantastic Voyage CD 119 (#30)
    No rating Don't You Think It's Nice
Morgan Twins
Label shot
1962/Sept. 15
Bb pop rev.
E&M (Tenn.)  1602 
(pressed by RCA)
Pertinent Johnny Come Lately
Morgan Twins
Label shot
(from 45)
    Non-pertinent As You Were
Morgan Twins
Label shot

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1979RCA (England) (England) PL 42809LPVictor Rock 'N' Rollers
1985Boppin' Buick LP 1959LPBoppin' Buick
1988Country Music Foundation (United States) CMF- 014-LLPGet Hot Or Go Home: Vintage RCA Rockabillly 56-59
1991Country Music Foundation (United States) CMF- 014-DCDGet Hot Or Go Home: Vintage RCA Rockabillly 56-59
1993Bear Family (Germany) BCD 15622CDThat'll Flat Git It, Vol. 1
1998Car CD 100CDRockin' At The Drive-In
2000BMG Int. 75406CDDon't Mess With My Ducktail: 26 RCA Tracks
2011Fantastic Voyage (England) FVTD 119CDRaunchy Sugar: The Pure Essence Of Memphis Rock & Roll
2012Classics (Sweden) 735CDTeen Rockin' Party, Vol. 5
One Day Music (England) DAY2CD 155CDEssential Rockabilly: The RCA Story
2018Bear Family (Germany) BCD 17566CDThat'll Flat Git It, Vol. 30 (RCA Victor)
year?Cham 181177LPRockin' Rollin' Vocal Groups
Classics (Sweden) CD 732CDTeen Rockin' Party, Vol. 4

Acknowledgments:  CMF Library, Scott Cheesebrew, Bill Davis, Udo Frank, Gerd Miller, Michel Proost, Joe Wajgel

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