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Star-Club 506010 (CD) (Sweden, 1995)

Rockin' Rollin' Wheelin'

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Burnette, Hank C. No rating Spinnin' Wheels Boogie Not listed in RCS
2. Therrien, Joe, Jr. Pertinent Label shot Song sample Wheels Brunswick (N.Y.) 9-55017  1957/Aug. 5
Bb pop rev.
3. Jan & Arnie Non-pertinent Gas Money Not listed in RCS
4. Perkins, Carl Pertinent Label shot Song sample Pop, Let Me Have The Car Columbia (N.Y.) 4-41207  1958/July 14
Bb pop rev.
5. Luman, Bob Pertinent Label shot Song sample Red Cadillac And Black Mustache Imperial (Calif.) X8311  1957/July 22
Bb pop rev.
6. Vincent, Gene No rating Label shot Pink Thunderbird Capitol (Calif.) EAP3-811  Cover shot
Gene Vincent And The Blue Caps, Part 3 [mono]
7. Aquatones Non-pertinent Solid Gold Cadillac Not listed in RCS
8. Medallions [x] No rating 59 Volvo Not listed in RCS
9. Paramounts [x] No rating Thunderbird Baby Not listed in RCS
10. Smith, Leon Pertinent Label shot Song sample Little Forty Ford Epic (N.Y.) 5-9326  1959/Aug. 3
Bb pop rev.
11. Davis, Rocky Pertinent Label shot Song sample Hot Rod Baby Blue Sky (Fla.) 45-102 
(pressed by Rite)
1959/Apr. 20
Bb pop rev.
12. Ryan, Charlie Pertinent Label shot Song sample Hot Rod Lincoln 4 Star (Calif.)  1733x45 1959/Oct. 26
Bb c&w rev.
13. Delicates No rating Black And White Thunderbird Not listed in RCS
14. Parsons, Bill Pertinent Label shot Song sample Hot Rod Volkswagen Starday (Tenn.) 45-526  1960/Dec. 19
Bb pop rev.
15. Little E Non-pertinent Candy Apple Red Impala Not listed in RCS
16. Gordon, Curtis Pertinent Label shot Song sample Draggin' Mercury (Ill.)  70861X45 1956/May 5
Bb c&w rev.
17. Slavin, Slick Pertinent Label shot Song sample Speed Crazy Imperial (Calif.) X5540  1958/Sept. 15
Bb pop rev.
18. Silent Rockers No rating My Blue Kapitan Not listed in RCS
19. Lancers [x] No rating When Johnny Comes Draggin' Home Not listed in RCS
20. Tigers [x] No rating Geeto Tiger Not listed in RCS
21. Fortune, Johnny Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Dragster – (instr.) Park Ave (Calif.) pa-130 
(pressed by Columbia)
22. Emerald City Bandits No rating Full Blown Caddy Not listed in RCS
23. Quads No rating 409 Not listed in RCS
24. Road Runners [x] Non-pertinent Road Runnah – (instr.) Not listed in RCS
25. Tomorrow's People No rating Stingray's Back In Town Not listed in RCS
26. Castro, Bernadette No rating Sports Car Sally Not listed in RCS
27. Daytonas No rating Quarter Mile Not listed in RCS
28. Madmen No rating Rambler Not listed in RCS
29. Chicks No rating Three Window Coupe Not listed in RCS
30. Playmates No rating Beep Beep Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  American Music, Udo Frank

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