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Songs The Cramps Taught Us, Vol. 2

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Adkins, Hasil Pertinent Label shot Song sample She Said Jody (Texas) A-1000   
2. Love, Buddy Borderline Label shot Song sample Heartbreak Hotel Proud (Ohio) PR-101 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
3. Carter, Dean No rating Song sample Jailhouse Rock Not listed in RCS
4. Fender Four No rating Margaya Not listed in RCS
5. Burnette, Johnny Pertinent Label shot Song sample Tear It Up Coral (N.Y.) 9-61651  1956/May 26
Bb pop rev.
6. Lightnin' Slim No rating It's Mighty Crazy Not listed in RCS
7. Glenn, Glen Pertinent Label shot Song sample Everybody's Movin' Era (Calif.) 45-1061  1958/Mar. 3
Bb pop rev.
8. Perkins, Carl Pertinent Song sample Her Love Rubbed Off On Me Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1957
(Sun Rec.)
9. Harpo, Slim No rating Strange Love Not listed in RCS
10. Feathers, Charlie No rating It's Just That Song Not listed in RCS
11. Alvey, Randy No rating Green Fuz Not listed in RCS
12. Allen, Bill Pertinent Label shot Song sample Please Give Me Something Imperial (Calif.) X5500  1958/Mar. 31
Bb pop rev.
13. Captain Beefheart No rating Hard Working Man Not listed in RCS
14. Jackson, J.J. No rating Oo-Ma-Liddi Not listed in RCS
15. Three Aces & A Joker Borderline Label shot Song sample Booze Party GRC (Utah)  104  1960/Nov. 28
Bb pop rev.
16. Spark Plugs No rating Chicken Not listed in RCS
17. Stewart, Jimmy Pertinent Label shot Song sample Rock On The Moon Eko (Ill.) K8OW-0998/9
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
18. Burgess, Sonny Pertinent Label shot Song sample Red Headed Woman Sun (Tenn.)  247  1956/Sept. 1
Bb c&w rev.
19. Tyler, Kip Borderline Label shot Song sample Jungle Hop Challenge (Calif.)  59008  1958/Apr. 28
Bb pop rev.
20. Don & The Galaxies No rating Label shot Song sample Sundown – (instr.) Fox Fidel (Calif.) F2  Cover shot
(pressed by Monarch)
mx series
21. Orbison, Roy Pertinent Song sample Domino Sun (Tenn.)  uniss.  1956
(Sun Rec.)
22. Readymen No rating Shortnin' Bread Not listed in RCS
23. Novas No rating The Crusher Not listed in RCS
24. Tune Rockers Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample The Green Mosquito – (instr.) United Artists (N.Y.) UA139X
(pressed by RCA)
1958/Aug. 4
Bb pop rev.
25. Jesters [x] No rating Peter Gunn Not listed in RCS
26. Count Five No rating Psychotic Reaction Not listed in RCS
27. Flames No rating The Bird Not listed in RCS
28. Red Crayola No rating Hurricane Fighter Plane Not listed in RCS
29. Kasenatz-Katz Super Circus No rating Quick Joey Small Not listed in RCS
30. Nelson, Rick Non-pertinent Label shot Lonesome Town Imperial (Calif.) X5545  Cover shot 1958/Sept. 29
Bb pop rev.
31. Huntsmen No rating Fever Not listed in RCS
32. Lowe, Jim No rating Label shot The Green Door Dot (Calif.) 45-15486  1956/Sept.
(Bb est.)

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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