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Collector CLCD4528 (CD) (Netherlands)

Wild Rockin' With Vocal Backing, Vol. 2

Cover image
Source: Rockabilly Ranch

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Panting Panther No rating Cooler Weather Not listed in RCS
2. Kelly, Jim No rating Walkin' In The Garden Not listed in RCS
3. Sultans No rating She's Got It Backstage (loc?) 45-1101   
4. Ross, Patti No rating The Big Bear Not listed in RCS
5. Curtis, C.C. No rating Aunt Minnie Not listed in RCS
6. Montell, Freddie Non-pertinent Song sample I Squeeze Her (In The Middle Like A Toothpaste Tube) Ermine (Ill.)  110 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
7. Hughes, Johnny Pertinent Label shot Song sample Grounded UBC (Ark.) UBC-1034  Cover shot
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
8. Roland, Danny No rating Label shot Song sample Shockwave Bayou (Texas)  117  1961/Mar. 20
Bb c&w rev.
9. Stringer, Elmo Pertinent Label shot Song sample Times Have Changed Thunder (Miss.)  1021  1959/Aug. 3
Bb pop rev.
10. Jackson, Sammy, Jr. No rating Label shot Playin' The Field Arvee (Calif.) A5011  1960/Sept.
(Bb est.)
11. Mike & The Ravens No rating I've Taken All I Can Not listed in RCS
12. Smith, Billy No rating Mister Rock And Roll Not listed in RCS
13. DeMarco, Billy No rating How Sweet It Is Not listed in RCS
14. Fairviews Borderline Label shot Song sample Twinkee Lee Spin It (Calif.)  120   
15. Manna, Paddy No rating I'm In Love Again Not listed in RCS
16. Ross, Patti No rating Rock It, Davy, Rock It Not listed in RCS
17. Osborn, Bobby No rating Label shot Wine, Wine, Wine Countess (loc?) 632H-2017 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
18. Montell, Freddie No rating Stop The Rock Not listed in RCS
19. Reese, Tony No rating I Never Knew A Dolly Not listed in RCS
20. Freddy & The Ravens No rating Label shot Song sample The Big Itch WED (Calif.)  124/5 1962/May
(Bb est.)
21. Redd, Tommy No rating Better Be Better Not listed in RCS
22. Bowman, Bob Borderline Label shot Song sample Bette Lou Revello (Ky.) R-1001 
(pressed by RCA)
BMI clear.
23. Dolton, Billy Borderline Label shot Song sample Girls Kaybo (Calif.) K-617  1961
(Bb est.)
24. Tico & The Triumphs Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Motorcycle Amy (N.Y.)  835  1961/Dec.
(Bb est.)
25. Unknown artist No rating Delta Tau Baby Not listed in RCS
26. Shannon Sisters No rating Yak-A-Tak Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Dean Craige Morris, Rockabilly Ranch

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