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Collector CLCD4532 (CD) (Netherlands)

Rock Hip Rock

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Source: Rockabilly Ranch

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. K, Larry No rating That's The Way It Goes
Label shot
Kokey (loc?) K-122870   
2. Dixon, Dicky No rating I Love Her Still
Label shot
Master W (Ga.)  1005  1966
mx series
3. Teen-Beets Non-pertinent I Guess That's Why You're Mine
Label shot
Chain (N.C. 5-5315 
(pressed by Kay Bank)
mx date code
4. K, Charles Pertinent Right Bird Baby
Label shot
Tupelo (Tenn.)  2984   
5. Marauders No rating Kosta Rica Not listed in RCS
6. Seachrist, Norm No rating Big Beat
Label shot
Bellview (loc?) B-1001 
(pressed by Rite)
7. Smith, Gene Non-pertinent The Time Clock
Label shot
REM (Ky.) 45-440  1969/Mar.
BMI clear.
8. O'Neal, Clinton Pertinent Big Bad Wolf
Label shot
Drifter (Mich.) DS103   
9. Oliver, Dale No rating Who's Gonna Give My Baby Lovin' (When I'm Gone)
Label shot
Sangelo (Texas) SAN-105   
10. Simon, Bob No rating The Wild Side Of Life Not listed in RCS
11. Downes, Jack E. No rating Surfin Way Out Not listed in RCS
12. Dixon, Dicky No rating Space Sickness Not listed in RCS
13. Gavin, Tony Borderline I Just Don't Know
Label shot
20th Fox (N.Y.)  228 
(pressed by RCA)
(Bb est.)
14. Sexton, Sharlet No rating Since Baby Put Me Down
Label shot
Breeze (Tenn.)  401   
15. Satterfield, Gene No rating Doin' My Time Not listed in RCS
16. Chiyo & The Crescents No rating Devil Surf Not listed in RCS
17. Fogg, Howard No rating Highway Man Not listed in RCS
18. Smith, Gene Non-pertinent Rubber Legs
Label shot
REM (Ky.) 45-440  1969/Mar.
BMI clear.
19. Oliver, Dale Borderline Long Gone Daddy
Label shot
Sangelo (Texas) SAN-105   
20. Gray, Jerry No rating No Sad Song Not listed in RCS
21. Gravestone Four No rating Ad Lib Beat Not listed in RCS
22. Sanders, Russ No rating Two Of A Kind Not listed in RCS
23. Wissinger, Sonny No rating Folsom Prison Blues Not listed in RCS
24. North, Jimmy Borderline Leavin' Town
Label shot
Indio (Calif.) IN-1  1961/Apr. 24
Bb c&w rev.
25. Phelps, Johnny Pertinent Tom Katt [!!]
Label shot
Ski (Ind.) 45-5505 
(pressed by RCA)
1958/Nov. 3
Bb pop rev.
26. Billy & The Kids No rating The Long Wait Not listed in RCS
27. Landy, Howie No rating The Happiest Man In The World Not listed in RCS
28. Stang, Howie No rating [ unknown title] Not listed in RCS
29. Smith, Smiley Pertinent Voo Doo Woman
Label shot
Apollo (N.Y.)  533-45 1959/Mar. 30
Bb pop rev.
30. Cory, Andy No rating Hey Now, What Are You, Some Kind Of Nut? Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Rockabilly Ranch

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