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Centhy 2008 (CD) (Sweden)

Tip Top Teeny, Vol. 6

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Melton, Ray Pertinent Label shot Song sample You And Johnny Smith Hope (Ga.) 45-1001  1960/Oct. 10
Bb pop rev.
2. Folger, Dan No rating There Came A Tear Not listed in RCS
3. Vance, Billy No rating I Won't Take A Chance Not listed in RCS
4. Hamilton, Judd No rating Initials On A Tree Not listed in RCS
5. Valone, Alan No rating Just A Friend Not listed in RCS
6. Lewin, Johnny No rating I'm Gonna Stick With You Not listed in RCS
7. Preston, Prince No rating Keep On Trying Not listed in RCS
8. Northern Lights No rating All Alone Not listed in RCS
9. Wills, Jay Ray No rating My Old Feelings Not listed in RCS
10. Ellis, Ronnie Borderline Label shot Song sample The Right Way Of Doing Things Wrong Van (Texas) V-02865  1965/Dec.
BMI clear.
11. Peebles, Robert No rating This Little Light of Mine Not listed in RCS
12. Laine, Frankie No rating Miss Satan Not listed in RCS
13. Daniels, Jay No rating Label shot Kittiwake (Bird Of The Sea) Mercury (Ill.)  71755  1961/Apr. 10
Bb pop rev.
14. Van, Billy No rating I've Been Saving All My Love For You Not listed in RCS
15. Dante, Bob No rating Baby This Is Love Not listed in RCS
16. Thomas, Don No rating I'll Cry Not listed in RCS
17. Holidays [2] Pertinent Label shot Song sample Love That's True Wiljer (Texas)  6002  1960/Apr. or later
(Bb est.)
18. Merrell & The Exiles No rating Too Many Heartbreaks Not listed in RCS
19. Ritchie & The Hallmarks No rating Wherever You Are Not listed in RCS
20. Phillips, Kip No rating Be Careful How You Drive Young Joey Not listed in RCS
21. Crosby, Chris No rating Teenage Dream Not listed in RCS
22. Parker, Terrie No rating ' Cause I'm Your Friend Not listed in RCS
23. Jay, Jimmy No rating 300 Miles of Steel Not listed in RCS
24. Hamby, Bill No rating Label shot Golden Ring Congressional (loc?) 45-114   
25. Chamberlain, Bruce No rating No Love Have I Not listed in RCS
26. Lane, Mickey No rating I Promise Not listed in RCS
27. Ruff, Ray Borderline Label shot Song sample Love Norman (Mo.) N-528 
(pressed by RCA)
(Bb est.)

Acknowledgments:  Udo Frank

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