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White Label WLP8825 (LP) (Netherlands, 1981)

More Rock-A-Billy With Benny Joy

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Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Joy, Benny Pertinent Gossip, Gossip, Gossip [unissued]  uniss.  1957
2. Joy, Benny Pertinent Button Nose [vers. 1] [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
3. Joy, Benny Pertinent I'm Gonna Move [vers. 1] [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
4. Joy, Benny Borderline Kiss Me [vers. 1] [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
5. Joy, Benny Pertinent Wild, Wild Lover [vers. 1] [unissued]  uniss.  1957
6. Joy, Benny No rating Nosey, Nosey Neighbors [vers. 1] [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
7. Joy, Benny No rating Cold, Cold Woman [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
8. Joy, Benny No rating Hey Bossman (I Won't Be In Today) [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
9. Joy, Benny Pertinent Come Back Tri-Dec (Fla.)  uniss.  1957
10. Joy, Benny No rating You're A Bundle Of Love [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
11. Joy, Benny No rating Indian Giver [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
12. Taylor, Big John Pertinent Label shot Song sample Stompin' – (instr.) Tri-Dec (Fla.)  8457 
(pressed by Capitol)
Cap. mx code
13. Joy, Benny Pertinent She Cried For Me Tri-Dec (Fla.)  uniss.  1957
14. Joy, Benny No rating Dark Angel [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59
15. Joy, Benny No rating I Need A Whole Lotta You [unissued]  uniss.  1958-59

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Michel Coste, Udo Frank, Derek Hamilton, OCLC

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