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Charly CPCD8137 (CD) (England, 1998)

Unissued Sun Masters

Cover image
Source: Udo Frank

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Chandler, Howard Pertinent Wampus Cat [alt. vers.]
Sun (Tenn.)      
2. Garden, Ray No rating This Chick Not listed in RCS
3. Unknown artist Pertinent Little Red Hen Not listed in RCS
4. Money, Curley Pertinent Chain Gang Charlie
5. Parchman, Kenny No rating Love Crazy Baby [vers. 2] Sun (Tenn.)     1957
(Sun Rec.)
6. Parchman, Kenny No rating Treat Me Right [alt. vers. 2] Sun (Tenn.)     1957
(Sun Rec.)
7. Anderson, Andy No rating Johnny Valentine [alt. vers. 2] Sun (Tenn.)     1956
8. Simmons, Gene Pertinent Peroxide Blonde And A Hopped Up Model Ford
Sun (Tenn.)      
9. Haggett, Jimmy Pertinent Rabbit Action [vers. 1]
Sun (Tenn.)     1956
(Sun Rec.)
10. Turner, Jesse Lee Pertinent Put Me Down
Sun (Tenn.)     1957
11. Felts, Narvel Pertinent Cry, Baby, Cry [alt. vers.]
Sun (Tenn.)     1957
(Sun Rec.)
12. Felts, Narvel No rating Did You Tell Me Sun (Tenn.)     1957
(Sun Rec.)
13. Felts, Narvel No rating A Teen's Way Sun (Tenn.)     1957
(Sun Rec.)
14. Honeycutt, Glenn No rating Campus Love [alt. vers.] Sun (Tenn.)     1958
(Sun Rec.)
15. McVoy, Carl No rating You're The Only Star Hi (Tenn.)     1958
(Sun Rec.)
16. McVoy, Carl No rating Little Girl Hi (Tenn.)     1958
(Sun Rec.)
17. Ross, Jerry Pertinent Ever'body's [!!] Tryin'
Label shot
Murco (La.)  1016 
(pressed by Rite)
BMI clear.
18. Pritchett, Jimmy No rating Nothing On My Mind [alt. vers.] Sun (Tenn.)      
19. Smith, Ray [2] No rating Right Behind You Baby [alt. vers.] Sun (Tenn.)      
20. Dorman, Harold No rating I'm Stepping Aside Sun (Tenn.)     1957
(Sun Rec.)
21. Thomas, Cliff No rating Dance Little Girl Phillips Int. (Tenn.)     1957
(Sun Rec.)
22. Hobeck, Curtis No rating The King Is Back Sun (Tenn.)     1959-60
(Sun Rec.)
23. Hobeck, Curtis No rating With My Best Friend Sun (Tenn.)     1959-60
(Sun Rec.)
24. Redell, Teddy No rating Stop Sun (Tenn.)     1960
25. Redell, Teddy No rating Tired Of Love Sun (Tenn.)     1960
26. Penner, Dick No rating Someday Baby Sun (Tenn.)     1957
(Sun Rec.)
27. Grayzell, Rudy Pertinent Remember When Sun (Tenn.)     1957
(Sun Rec.)
28. Powers, Johnny No rating Don't Go Away [unissued]     1958-59
29. Powers, Johnny No rating But Now That It's Over Sun (Tenn.)      
30. Pratt, Lynn No rating If I Can't Have You [unissued]      

Acknowledgments:  Bear Family catalog, Marc Coulavin, Udo Frank, Dean Craige Morris

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