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Cactus CD5000 (CD) (United States)

Rockin' Hillbilly, Vol. 1

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Source: Uncle Gil's Rockin' Archives

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Strange, Billy No rating Diesel Smoke Dangerous Curves Not listed in RCS
2. Rutledge, Bobby Non-pertinent Song sample Waitin' In Line [need info]      
3. Davis, Gene No rating Satan's Daughter Not listed in RCS
4. Lewis, Joe Cannon Ball No rating I Wonder If I Can Lose The Blues This Way Not listed in RCS
5. Rhodes, Jack No rating Gypsy Heart Not listed in RCS
6. Edwards, Tibby No rating Shift Gears Not listed in RCS
7. Wallace, Billy Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample You Can't Ride On My Train Blue Hen (Del.) BH-210  1955/Dec. 3
Bb c&w rev.
8. Fell, Terry No rating Get Aboard My Wagon Not listed in RCS
9. Crabtree, Riley Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Tattle Tattle Tale Country Picnic (Texas)  602X45 1957/Aug. 26
Bb c&w rev.
10. Hobbs, Bud Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Mean, Mean, Mean MGM (N.Y.) K12285  1956/June 30
Bb c&w rev.
11. Barton, Billy No rating Do You Love, Do You Love Me King (Ohio) 45-1478  1955/June 11
Bb c&w rev.
12. Skinner, Jimmie Borderline Label shot Song sample Just Ramblin' On Mercury (Ill.)  70956X45 1956/Sept. 15
Bb c&w rev.
13. Wallace, Billy Non-pertinent Song sample Southwind Not listed in RCS
14. Camp, Ed No rating I'm Gonna Put The Wammy On You Not listed in RCS
15. Bobo, Bobby No rating Label shot Stamps Sage (Calif.) 45-239  1957/June 10
Bb c&w rev.
16. Murphy, Tiny No rating Label shot Song sample 42 Ronel (Ill.)  109 
(pressed by RCA)
1956/Mar. 3
Bb c&w rev.
17. Hank The Drifter No rating Label shot Song sample Don't You Lock Your Daddy Out New England (Texas) G7-OW-4481/2
(pressed by RCA)
18. Edwards, Tibby Pertinent Label shot Song sample Flip, Flop And Fly Mercury (Ill.)  70591X45 1955/Apr. 16
Bb c&w rev.
19. Barkdull, Wiley No rating Label shot ' Cause You're Always On My Mind Hickory (Tenn.) 45-1044  1956/Mar. 10
Bb c&w rev.
20. Newman, Bob No rating Greetings Not listed in RCS
21. Patton, Jimmie Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Hut-Horp [!!] Rookie's Marching Song Hilligan (Ariz.) HC-001/2 1960/Aug. or earlier
22. Allen, Tani No rating I'm Back In The Army Not listed in RCS
23. Howard, Van No rating I'm Not A Kid Anymore Not listed in RCS
24. Rutledge, Bobby No rating Southern Fried Chicken Not listed in RCS
25. Barton, Billy No rating I'm Turning Over A Brand New Leaf King (Ohio) 45-1478  1955/June 11
Bb c&w rev.
26. Spurlin, Tommy No rating There Might've Been A Love Song Not listed in RCS
27. Maddox, Cal Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Hey Bill Flat-Git-It (Calif.) FGI-699/700 1961/Nov. 27
Bb c&w rev.
28. Shepherd, Cliff No rating Railroad Crossing Not listed in RCS
29. George & Earl Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Don't, Don't, Don't Mercury (Ill.)  70683X45 1955/Sept.
(Bb est.)
30. Innis, Louie No rating Whammy Bammy Buzzard Goozer Not listed in RCS
31. Jacoby Brothers No rating Label shot Cannonball TNT (Texas)  1004  1953 or earlier
(Bb est.)
32. Huff, Cowboy No rating No Two Timin' Me Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Mark Lee Allen, Uncle Gil

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