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Boparama 3 (LP) (United Kingdom)

Rock Out Of This World, Vol. 3

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Source: No Hit Records

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Marveluss Mickey & The Rock-A-Sonic's No rating Do The Robot Not listed in RCS
2. Dallas, Jackie [2] Pertinent Bull Moose
Label shot
Alliance (Texas) 664A-1690 
(pressed by RCA)
RCA mx code
3. Alexander & The Greats No rating Hot Dang Mustang Not listed in RCS
4. Blake, Tommy Pertinent F-olding Money
Label shot
Recco (La.)  1006  1959/Nov.
mx series
5. Hale, Billy Jack Pertinent I Take My Hat Off To The Blues [vers. 1]
D (Texas)      
6. Bell, Johnny Pertinent The Third Degree
Label shot
Brunswick (N.Y.) 9-55142  1959/Aug. 31
Bb pop rev.
7. Champs No rating Drag Strip Not listed in RCS
8. Joy, Benny Pertinent Wild, Wild Lover [vers. 1]
[unissued]     1957
9. Corvets Borderline Wailin' Wailin' Party
Label shot
Soma (Minn.)  1164 
(pressed by Kay Bank)
(Bb est.)
10. Taylor, R. Dean No rating Long Way To St. Louis [unissued]      
11. Hanyel, Arbis Pertinent Roadhouse Rock
Label shot
Count (Wisc.)  103  1958/Sept.
mx series
12. Little, Rod Pertinent Sweet Lookin Mama
Label shot
Book (Ind.) BK112   
13. Johnson, Danny No rating Tired Of Working For The Other Man Not listed in RCS
14. Rhythm Surfers No rating 502 Not listed in RCS
15. Mann, Carl No rating Satellite No. 2 Jaxon (Tenn.)      
16. Bossmen No rating I'm Ready Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  NHR, No Hit Records, Timo Runne

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