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Pan American 56019 (CD) (Switzerland, 2008)

Red Hot Love

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Source: Bim-Bam Records

Artist Title Original Label & Number Date & Source
1. Ambers No rating Never Let You Go Not listed in RCS
2. Denton, Bob Pertinent Label shot Song sample Playboy Dot (Calif.) 45-15833  1958/Oct. 6
Bb pop rev.
3. Hawkins, Dale Pertinent Label shot Song sample Back To School Blues Checker (Ill.)  934  1959/Sept. 14
Bb pop rev.
4. Rockets [x] No rating Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days Not listed in RCS
5. Handy, Wayne Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Betcha Didn't Know Trend (N.Y.) T-30-006X 1958/Mar.
(Bb est.)
6. Robert & Johnny No rating In The Rain Not listed in RCS
7. Beach, Bill Pertinent Label shot Song sample Peg Pants King (Ohio) 45-4940  1956/June 30
Bb c&w rev.
8. Don & Dewey No rating Koko Joe Not listed in RCS
9. James, Sonny No rating Label shot The Cat Came Back Capitol (Calif.) F3542  1956/Sept. 29
Bb c&w rev.
10. Tubb, Ernest No rating So Doggone Lonesome Not listed in RCS
11. Blackwell, Otis No rating What A Coincidence Not listed in RCS
12. El Dorados No rating At My Frontdoor Not listed in RCS
13. Johnston Brothers No rating Seven Bar Blues Not listed in RCS
14. Casuals Borderline Label shot So Tough Backbeat (Texas)  503  1957/Dec. 9
Bb pop rev.
15. Vincent, Gene Pertinent Label shot Song sample Who Slapped John Capitol (Calif.) F3558  1956/Sept. 29
Bb c&w rev.
16. Fontaine, Eddie No rating Label shot Here 'Tis Vik (N.Y.) 4X-0193  1956/Feb. 11
Bb pop rev.
17. Raiders Pertinent Label shot Song sample Hocus Pocus Andex (Calif.) 3-4015  1958/June 23
Bb pop rev.
18. Burrage, Harold No rating Messed Up Not listed in RCS
19. Lanson, Snooky Non-pertinent Label shot Stop (Let Me Off The Bus) Dot (Calif.) 45-15424  1955/Oct.
(Bb est.)
20. Treniers No rating Rock-A-Beatin Boogie Not listed in RCS
21. Cleftones No rating You Baby You Not listed in RCS
22. Freeman, Bobby No rating Big Fat Woman Not listed in RCS
23. Post, Bill & Doree No rating Haw Jack, Gee Jules Not listed in RCS
24. Lory, Dick Pertinent Label shot Song sample Wild-Blooded Woman Columbia (N.Y.) 4-41224  1958/Aug. 18
Bb pop rev.
25. Williams, Billy No rating Red Hot Love Not listed in RCS

Acknowledgments:  Bim-Bam Records

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