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Camelia (Calif.)

Sacramento, Calif.  [source: an original label)

Owned by Charles Brandt. Label name was spelled "Camellia" on 27/28.

Original Releases

Number Date & Source Name Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
45-100-29/30-CB [45] 1959/Nov.
BMI clear.
Mystery Trio Pertinent Willie Joe
Mystery Trio
Label shot
(from Collector CD 4431)
45-100-29-CB Bullet Ace CD 1016 (#27)
Bullet B-Sharp LP 6/16 (#7)
Bullet B-Sharp CD 6/31 (#7)
Bullet Collector CD 4431 (#30)
Bullet Pan!c CD 101 (#24)
      No rating Raindrops
Mystery Trio
Label shot
45-100-32/3-CB [45] 1959-60
Bailey's Nervous Kats Non-pertinent Cobra – (instr.)
James Mills / Bailey's Nervous Kats
Label shot
45-100-33-CB Bullet Ace CD 756 (#13)
      No rating Northwind
Norm Bailey / Bailey's Nervous Kats
Label shot
45-100-34/5-CB [45] 1960/July
Bailey's Nervous Kats Pertinent Traveling Sam
Robert Smith / Bailey's Nervous Kats
Label shot
(from Buffalo Bop CD 55170)
45-100-34-CB Bullet Ace CD 756 (#1)
Bullet B-Sharp LP 6/24 (#8)
Bullet B-Sharp CD 6/34 (#30)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55170 (#16)
Bullet Folkline CD 207 (#20)
Bullet White Label LP 8865 (#11)
      Borderline Devils Run – (instr.)
Herb Kliebe / Bailey's Nervous Kats
Label shot
(from White Label LP 8865)
45-100-35-CB Bullet Ace CD 756 (#2)
Bullet White Label LP 8865 (#12)
45-100-42/3-CB [45] 1961 or later
(Bb est.)
Bailey's Nervous Kats Pertinent I Don't Know
Bailey's Nervous Kats
45-100-43-CB Bullet Ace CD 756 (#8)
      Borderline Pandora – (instr.)
Bailey's Nervous Kats
Label shot
45-100-42-CB Bullet Ace CD 756 (#23)
Bullet Canadian CD 4519 (#15)

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1983White Label (Netherlands) WLP 8865LPRock On -- Roll On
1995Collector (Netherlands) CLCD 4431CDObscure And Rockin'
2000Ace (England) CDHCD 756CDGet Nervous! / Bailey's Nervous Kats
2004Ace (England) CDCHD 1016CDGood Girls Gone Bad (Wild, Weird, And Wanted)
Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-CD 55170CDFlip, Flip
2007B-Sharp (Germany) 6/16LPNasty Rockabilly, Vol. 11
2010B-Sharp (Germany) 6/24LPRockers!, Vol. 1
year?B-Sharp 6/34CDNasty Rockabilly, CD 9
B-Sharp 6/31CDNasty Rockabilly, CD 6
Canadian CM- 4519CDRare Instrumentals, Vol. 19
Folkline (England) 274- 207CDHardcore Rockabilly, Vol. 4
Pan!c 101CDYou Better Believe It: White Trash Rockers 1955-1969

Acknowledgments:  Malcolm Chapman, Stephane Chatain, Udo Frank, Kurt Krauter, Art Longmire, Gerd Miller, Dean Craige Morris, Perica Sucevic, Joe Wajgel, Stefan Wriedt

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