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Hamilton (Calif.)

Hollywood, Calif.  [source: Steve Weiner)

A subsidiary of Dot.

Original Releases

Number Date & Source Name Title & "As By" Name Matrix Comps
45-50001  1958/Dec. 22
Bb pop rev.
Jenkins, Bobby [2] Pertinent Label shot Song sample White Shorts & A Red Tee Shirt — Bobby Jenkins MW-11625 Bullet Classics CD 732 (#22)
      Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Let Me Live Again — Bobby Jenkins MW-11626  
(pressed by Monarch)
Smith, Ronnie Pertinent Label shot Song sample My Babe — Ronnie Smith MW-11176 Δ23101 Bullet Ace CD 699 (#21)
Bullet Eagle LP 307 (#14)
      Non-pertinent Label shot I've Got A Love — Ronnie Smith MW-11177 Δ23102  
45-50006  1958/Nov. 17
Bb pop rev.
Nighthawks [2] Pertinent Label shot Song sample When Sin Stops — The Nighthawks MW-11664 Bullet Ace CD 699 (#10)
Bullet B-Sharp CD 6/30 (#12)
Bullet B-Sharp LP 666-13 (#12)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55027 (#9)
Bullet Classics CD 725 (#30)
Bullet Cleopatra CD 1163 (#1)
Bullet FR CD 1007 (#30)
Bullet Lost Gold CD 88961 (#1)
Bullet Nor Va Jak LP 816 (#6)
Bullet Yeaah! CD 11 (#1)
      Pertinent Label shot Song sample All'A Your Love — The Nighthawks MW-11663 Bullet Ace CD 699 (#9)
Bullet Lost Gold CD 2100 (#1)
Bullet Yeaah! CD 7 (#1)
Bullet Yeaah! CD 501 (#1)
45-50009  1958/Nov.
(Bb est.)
Ehret, Bob No rating Label shot Goodbye Mr. Blues — Bob Ehret MW-11690  
      No rating Label shot Too Soon — Bob Ehret MW-11691  
(pressed by Monarch)
1958/Nov. 24
Bb pop rev.
Williams, Lew No rating Label shot Song sample The Girl I Saw On Bandstand — Vik Wayne MW-11810 Δ25455 Bullet Bear Family CD 16347 (#15)
      No rating Label shot I Saw You Crying In The Show — Vik Wayne MW-11959 Δ25452 Bullet Bear Family 10 101 (#12)
Bullet Bear Family CD 16347 (#3)
 50020  1958/Dec.
on label or cover
Slade, Prentis Borderline Label shot Song sample Scrapiron — Prentis Slade MW-12208 Bullet Bop CD 009 (#22)
Bullet Bop-A-Rama LP 002 (#9)
Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55061 (#2)
Bullet Mustang CD 7 (#16)
Bullet Mustang CD 12 (#32)
Bullet Presto CD 10 (#31)
      Borderline Label shot I Lied To You — Prentis Slade MW-12207  
45-50022  1959/Jan.
(Bb est.)
Norell, Jerry No rating Label shot Comic Book Hop — Jerry Norell MW-11673  
      No rating Label shot The Freshman — Jerry Norell MW-11675  
45-50023  1958/Dec.
on label or cover
Five Bops Non-pertinent Label shot Song sample Jitterbuggin' — The Five Bops   Bullet Ace CD 592 (#25)
Bullet Charly LP 30236 (#18)
Bullet Collector CD 4468 (#10)
      No rating Unforgotten Love — The Five Bops    
45-50024  1959/Jan.
(Bb est.)
Crockett, Howard No rating Label shot Song sample I Love This Girl — Howard Crockett MW-12228 Bullet Best CD 001 (#5)
Bullet CCL LP 1143 (#4)
Bullet Zingo CD 2217 (#1)
      No rating Label shot Song sample Seven Cards From Now — Howard Crockett MW-12227  
45-50030  1959/Mar. 30
Bb pop rev.
Costner, Ned Pertinent Label shot Song sample Jeopardy — Ned Costner MW-11843 Bullet Buffalo Bop CD 55148 (#18)
Bullet Jivin' LP 182 (#13)
      Borderline Label shot I Am Just A Beggar — Ned Costner MW-11844  
45-50031  1959/Mar. 30
Bb pop rev.
Workman Twins Pertinent Label shot Song sample I Don't Know How To Say It — Workman Twins MW-11845  
      Pertinent Label shot I Don't Want To Go To Sleep — Workman Twins MW-11846  
45-50037  1963/Mar.
(Bb est.)
Gilmer, Jimmy Pertinent Label shot Song sample Won't Be Long — Jimmy Gilmer MB-17740  
      Non-pertinent Label shot I'm Gonna Go Walkin' — Jimmy Gilmer MB-17741  

Collector-Oriented Compilation LPs and CDs Containing Tracks

1977CCL (Germany) 1143LPRockin' Rollin' Crockett / Howard Crockett
1979Eagle (Germany) 307LPChicken Rock, Vol. 4: Rumble Rock
1982Jivin' (Belgium) 182LP14 Great All-Time Jivers, Vol. 1
1984Charly (England) CR 30236LPThe Clovis Sessions
1992Nor Va Jak 816LPArtistry On Guitar, Signed Buddy Holly
1995Best BRCD 001CDMy Lil's Run Off / Howard Crockett
Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-CD 55027CDTeenage Wolfpack
1996Ace (England) CDCH 592CDDot Rock 'N' Roll
1997Buffalo Bop (Germany) Bb-CD 55061CDSugar Lump
FR 1007CDBuddy Holly Days: 30 Rare Buddy Holly Sound-A-Likes
1998Bop-A-Rama (England) Bop- 002LPBig Noise From The Planet Bop, Vol. 2
1999Ace (England) CDCHD 699CDWest Texas Bop
Bear Family (Germany) 10 10110Teenagers Talkin' On The Phone / Lew Williams
Bear Family (Germany) BCD 16347CDCat Talk / Lew Williams
Lost Gold (United States) LGR 2100CDTeen Town USA: Rare American Recordings
2000Lost Gold (United States) 88961CDTeen Town USA, Vol. 2: Rare American Records
Yeaah! (England) 7CDTeen Town USA
Yeaah! (England) 11CDTeen Town USA, Vol. 2
2002Cleopatra (United States) 1163CDRock 'N' Roll & Rock-A-Billy Inferno
Collector (Netherlands) CLCD 4468CDMegaton Rock
2006B-Sharp (England) 666-13LPNasty Rockabilly, Vol. 9
2010Classics (Sweden) CD 725CDThe Holly Sound
year?B-Sharp 6/30CDNasty Rockabilly, CD 5
Bop BOP- 009CDSaturday Night On Bop Street, Vol. 9
Buffalo Bop Bb-CD 55148CDSteppin'
Classics (Sweden) CD 732CDTeen Rockin' Party, Vol. 4
Mustang MUST 7CDKool Cat - Cool Baby
Mustang MUST 12CDOh Oh Oh Rock
Presto Vol. 10CDBig Bad Rockabilly Boppers, Vol. 10
Yeaah! CD 501CDTeen Town USA
Zingo (Switzerland) 2217CDCountry Hop

Acknowledgments:  Jurgen Blazejewski, CMF Library, Scott Cheesebrew, Bill Davis, Udo Frank, Adam Komorowski, Pasi Koskela, Tom Krajina, Gerd Miller, Gerald Watts, Steve Weiner, Lew Williams, Bjorn Witlox, highnumbers

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